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Place of Employment Locaters – Learn How to Do it Right

Infrequently, private investigators will be asked by a client if they can discover where an individual is employed, and this type of investigation is known as a current employment locate or POE. There are a variety of reasons as to why a person might want-or need-to discover someone else’s place of employment, but before an investigator takes the job they should make sure that the request is being made for legitimate reasons so that he or she isn’t accidentally assisting a stalker from obtaining the information that is sought.

The Legalities of Tip Sharing

There is a great degree of variance among the ways that different companies compensate their employees, including the source of employee income as well as the amount of pay for work. In many industries, employers calculate tips as part of an employee’s earned wages, and in these instances, employers can pay their employees less since they are receiving compensation from another source.

Non-Compete Agreements

Most employers forbid employees from competing with the company while they are on the job. But some employers also require employees to agree not to start their own businesses or go to work for a competitor after they leave their jobs with the company. These employers require their employees to sign agreements that say something like “I promise not to compete with the company after I quit or get fired” for a specified period of time.

Law on Sexual Harassment in India

There are no legislative enactments or statutory policies against sexual harassment and abuse at work places. In the absence of an enacted law to provide for the effective enforcement of gender equality and guarantee against sexual harassment, the Supreme Court of India has laid down certain guidelines and norms for due observance at all work places whether public or private sector.

Discriminatory Firings

If federal or state anti-discrimination laws cover your business, then you can’t fire an employee for a discriminatory reason – such as race, age, or disability. If, for some reason, your employee reports you to the police or a state or federal agency for some violation, you can’t treat the employee differently because of the report – even if the employee is an at-will employee. That’s called “whistleblower” protection.

SOS Help – Need Employment Advice Right Now?

Having problems at work with a colleague or even the boss and unsure of what rights you may have? Even worse are you about to be made redundant and do not know what to do? Solutions are available and you may have more rights than you know about.

The Women’s Suffrage Movement and Employment Rights

The women’s suffrage movement refers to the political movement that took place across the world at different times (1800s-1900s), fighting to extend suffrage (or the right to vote) to women. In the United States, the movement began around 1848 and lasted for nearly seventy years before a decisive national victory was achieved.

Employment Contracts – Are Employment Contracts Important To Companies? Find Out

Whether you are a startup or an established business,there are many different legalities that you need to consider and one of them is employment contract. Don’t overlook this; especially if you intend to hire employees on contract basis, doing that could be disastrous to your growth potential and your employees too. Find out why.

California Employment Law – Know More About It

Thanks to the California Employment Law and the current California Governor’s backing, California employees would be enjoying the benefits of getting the biggest hourly payment in USA beginning January 1, 2008. By then, the California employment law ensure that a worker’s standard minimum wage is an hourly rate of $8.00, a rate that increased from the former $7.50 per hour.

Legal Buffer – Employment Contracts And Essential Information

You always have to be careful about a lot of things when you’re running a business. You always have to continuously be aware of the legal aspects which comes with running a business, most especially for small business where you have to put where a lot of effort will be demanded from you to put into the company. Legal matters that can arise in these situations can be very damaging to your well being and not only to your company. One way to protect you and your company from these events is to sign employment contracts.

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