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New York Workers Compensation Lawyer Can Fight For the Compensation of the Employee

According to the law of New York, each employer is supposed to buy insurance. This insurance must be purchased in order to give the compensation benefits to the employees in cases of any injury in the workplace.

Do a Public Criminal Records Check and Lower Your Risks

If a company wants to do a public criminal records search there are numerous online resources available. A public criminal records check is quick and effortless if you know where to look on the Internet.

Employment Lawyer – He Can Protect Workers’ Rights

If an employee has been victimized at work, an employment lawyer can help. Here are some things that every worker should know.

Child Labor Laws

The Fair Labor Standards Act (FLSA) was drafted in 1938 following the Industrial Revolution, a period of time when workers were notoriously mistreated and underpaid. Tired of being exploited by big businesses, workers united and formed labor unions to rally for their rights. Because of their diligence, there are many laws today which serve to protect the rights and ensure the safety of American workers.

What Are the Steps in an Unemployment Claim?

When you have been injured in the workplace, unemployment benefits can help you pay for your medical expenses and time lost. In order to receive it, however, you have to file the right paperwork on time. Knowing exactly what forms to file and when is a complicated process and depends on where you work and the circumstances.

What Are “Reasonable Accommodations,” Anyways?

The phrase “reasonable accommodations” is left intentionally ambiguous. The Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) specifies that an employer must make “reasonable accommodations” for employees with disabilities both mental and physical; however, exactly what that entails is unclear.

Why You Need an Education Law Solicitor

Work for a School, College or University? Need to amend teachers’ contracts? Want make sure your recruitment policies are legal? Find out why you need an education law solicitor.

Do You Need an Employment Law Solicitor?

Been discriminated against? Does your staff handbook need updating? Considering redundancy? Find out why else you might need an Employment Law Solicitor.

Migrant and Seasonal Agricultural Worker Protection Act

Migrant workers make up the backbone of the agricultural sector of our economy; however, low pay, undesirable working conditions, and substandard housing accommodations make migrant farm work not highly sought after by Americans. So, who fills the position? Predominantly, illegal immigrants comprise the migrant workforce. In 1983, the Migrant and Seasonal Agricultural Worker Protection Act (MSPA) was passed to protect the rights of migrant workers.

Undocumented Workers

America is hailed as the “land of opportunity” by foreigners. Millions of people dream of coming to this country and chasing the “American dream;” however, because legal entry into the states is so desirable, it’s also incredibly difficult to obtain. The average wait for a worker’s visa is two years. Because obtaining the paperwork necessary for being a legal resident is so costly and complicated, many foreigners have taken entry into their own hands and are illegally residing within America’s borders.

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