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How Much Can You Claim For a Workplace Accident?

There is no fixed sum for a workplace accident claim. Although there are guidelines and recommendations in place for compensation of this sort, ultimately each case must be assessed on its own merits.

Can You Use a No-Win No-Fee Solicitor For a Work Accident Claim?

Can you make a Work Accident Claim using a No Win No Fee Agreement? This article explores your options and what they mean to you.

Can You Claim Work Accident Compensation and Keep Your Job?

If you are injured at work, will making a claim for compensation cost you your job? Many people find the prospect of claiming compensation from their employer a daunting prospect. There are many additional myths that could put you off from making a claim for compensation against your employer.

Employment Criminal Background Check Tips

As an employer, you want to make sure you employ people you can trust. Here are some tips to getting an employment criminal background check.

Elevated Falls and Worker’s Compensation

Although injury accidents can occur anywhere, certain occupations pose much higher risk for employees required to perform duties in hazardous locations. While office workers and people who operate in controlled environments may still be subject to injury, the likelihood of accidents may be significantly lower than that of workers who operate in dangerous conditions.

Indian Labour Laws – Part 2 – Termination of Employee For Misconduct

This is my second article in the series of employment and termination of employees by Indian corporations. My earlier article dealt with the issue as to whether a software development and IT enabled company qualify as an ‘industrial establishment’ within the meaning of the Industrial Disputes Act, 1957, (“IDA”) and can such a company follow the ‘hire and fire’ policy for termination of services necessitated for reasons other than misconduct of employee without compliance of the IDA.

Non Compete Agreements and Clauses in Ontario – An Introduction

This article discusses non compete clauses in Ontario generally. Such as: what they are, their validity and enforceability, and a basic template.

Longshore and Harbor Workers Compensation Act

The Longshore and Harbor Workers Compensation Act, abbreviated as the LHWCA, was first passed in 1927 by the United States Congress in order to provide workers who were working in navigable waters within the United States in situations where they had no other means of compensation. The act was later amended in 1984 in order to provide all employees working in the longshores and harbors the same type of coverage.

How to Hire Safe Workers For Your Day Care

Today, it can be very difficult on the part of the owner of a day care or childcare center to know how to screen all their employees to ensure the children left in their care will be safe and secure hands. Any individual that works with children should be screened for criminal activities that may put your children at harm from alcohol and drug abuse to sexual abuse.

Employers Beware – Use Background Checks Before Hiring an Employee

Employers can contact previous employers before hiring a person for their establishment, but today past employers are often afraid to provide any type of information and may only provide data such as never missed a day of work, but did not state any derogatory information afraid of being sued. The laws regarding what can and cannot be told by previous employers are a bit confusing for many, so it is better to say nothing at all.

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