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Using an Employment Law Solicitor When Leaving Work

There are several reasons why you might choose to leave your job. You might have had a better offer from another company; it might be because you dislike your boss or you might simply want to do something else. Whatever the reason, leaving a job is never an easy thing to do.

How to Handle Sexual Harassment in the Workplace

Sexual harassment is considered any form of inappropriate actions by another person of the opposing gender, sometimes the same gender. The truth is sexual harassment happens just as much in the workplace if not more than in personal atmospheres.

Title VII of the Civil Rights Act

Under the 1964 Civil Rights Act, Title VII protects people from employers’ discrimination based on race, color, religion, sex or national origin. While Title VII only applies to businesses of 15 employees or more, it was crucial legislation for equal opportunity employment. Unfortunately, Title VII has been enacted for nearly 50 years and its stipulations are still not upheld by all employers.

Fathers to Get More Paid Paternity Leave

A new government proposal has called for fathers to get a longer period of paternity leave if the mother goes back to work after six moths of maternity leave. This article discusses the benefits and negatives of the plan.

Employee Criminal Background Check – 3 Steps to Choosing the Top Criminal Screening Service

The importance of doing a good employee criminal background is paramount in the hiring process for many reasons. Whether it be for liability purposes, the protection of staff and customers or for your own personal reasons, employee criminal backgrounds checks are an absolute must.

Comprehending How Workers Compensation Works

There once was a time when a worker who was injured on the job had little recourse. Not just was he physically injured, he lost income and had medical bills to pay. Sometimes the injury left a worker disabled and unable to provide for his family. The worker had few options besides to sue the employer for compensation.

Tax Attorney Jobs – Demand is Growing by the Day

If you are looking for tax attorney jobs, there are many online options for you to utilize, and these can ensure that you remain busy and your working schedule stable throughout the entire year, not merely during the pretax season. People need these services on an increasing basis as the tax code becomes longer and more complex with each passing day.

Unfair Dismissal in Australia – Know Your Rights and Learn How to Get Help to Claim Them

In Australia, employees who are unfairly dismissed have 14 days from the date of dismissal to bring an unfair dismissal claim. Unfair dismissal proceedings are brought before Fair Work Australia (FWA). Small business employers are be able to seek immunity from these claims. The definition of a small employer is whether an employer has fewer than 15 employees.

A Basic Guide to Redundancy

Have you been faced with the process of redundancy and are unsure about what next step to take? This short article gives you some ideas and helpful advice about redundancy.

Maximizing Legal Recruitment Through Legal Recruiters

Basically, legal recruiters are the ones that help you evaluate your credentials and determine what the best ways to fulfill your objectives are. It is very important that you are able to tell him honestly the information necessary for your application. The recruiter should be interested in knowing more information about you so that you know he is decided to help you secure your job.

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