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An Easy Way to Prevent Work Place Harassment and Violence

According to one survey report, most of the people in this country are experiencing racial, sexual, lifestyle and political harassment in their workplaces. Even worse is the occurrence of violence, especially repeated bullying. It can even be caused by an overspill of domestic violence with related family in the workplace.

What Do Employment Solicitors Do?

Employment is an essential aspect of every company, organization or institution that relies on human resource. Whether large or small, this mission critical aspect of the business process dynamic can either grow a company or drag it to redundancy.

Introduction to Employment Law For Paralegals

The first step in helping the client regarding an issue on employment is to understand the general laws on hiring and firing. Often the biggest trouble lawyers face in their representation of an employee-client is discerning the actual cause of the loss of employment. Was the job loss due to being fired or did the employee resign or quit?

How Employment Solicitors Can Help

Running an organization or institution, whether large or small, involves dealing with human resource. This may be in the form of employees or in any other contractual agreement basis. And with human resource comes labour laws that govern all manner of employment relationships.

The Prevalence of Wage Theft Among Day Laborers

No one profession is free from instances of wage theft. Recent lawsuits involving theft by employers have included very high profile businesses. But even though any worker in the United States may be the victim of this crime, there are certain types of jobs in which it is much more prevalent. One group of people who are commonly victims of this theft is day laborers.

Federal Child Labor Laws

In current times it is still common for companies and businesses to employ those under the age of 18 in order to get some part time employees while providing young people with their first employment opportunities. If you are considering hiring some underage employees for your business it is important you abide by all laws concerning child labor, be they federal or state.

Sexual Harassment in Business, Service & Professional Relationships

The purpose of this article is to explain the dynamic between business and professional relationships and how sexual harassment applies to those relationships. In particular, it discusses California Civil Code Section 51.9.

Employment Law in Practice – Redundancy Advice

If you are being made redundant then you should be sure of your employment rights. Find out more about redundancy before you pay for professional advice with this practical guide from an experienced employment solicitor.

Thai Work Permit – Working Legally in Thailand

A foreigner wishing to work in Thailand has to have the necessary entry permit also known as the Non B visa and a valid work permit issued by the Ministry of Labor. These requirements are meant to regulate the number of foreign workers in the country as they might be doing works which are reserved for the local workforce.

At Will Employment and How to File a Wrongful Termination Lawsuit

Most employees are hired according to what is called an “at-will” basis. This article covers information on wrongful termination lawsuits including how you file, things you can do to help your case, who you should speak with immediately, and other important information for anyone who may have been illegally fired from their job.

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