Did Mike Flynn Violate Military Law? #shorts

10 Guidelines to Mediating Your Employment Law Case

The first requirement is to have a case, and your attorney must understand the legal elements that must be proven. Ultimately, the mediator must be able to give an opinion to each side whether there will be a likely outcome at trial or arbitration.

How to Choose the Right Employment Solicitor For You

If you are having problems with your employer, it can be a particularly stressful period. The threat of losing your job can cause lost sleep and countless other worries. When you need an employment solicitor, how do you choose the one that is right for you? This guide explores the key issues to cover before you contact and on first contact with the solicitor.

Hawaii Employment Law And Litigation Basics – How To Draft And Implement A Litigation Hold Policy

Electronic evidence is quickly evolving into one of the most difficult areas of litigation to navigate. Hawaii businesses, especially human resource managers in employment disputes, must understand that it is extremely important to work closely with counsel to determine the extent of their discovery obligations. Once the preservation requirement arises, Hawaii businesses must map out a sensible data gathering plan to minimize business disruptions and to avoid possible sanctions.

Hawaii Employment Law – Review of ARRA’s COBRA Provisions

The Internal Revenue Service (“IRS”) recently issued Notice 2009-27, which contains new guidance relating to the COBRA subsidy made available under the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act of 2009 (“ARRA”). ARRA provides for a COBRA premium subsidy for up to nine months for assistance eligible individuals who lose health plan coverage as a result of an employee’s involuntarily termination between September 1, 2008 and the end of 2009 and who satisfy the income requirements for the subsidy. ARRA generally requires the employer maintaining the health plan to provide the subsidy. ARRA permits the employer to seek credit for the subsidy against its payroll taxes. This article reviews some of the more significant provisions that have been clarified by the IRS.

Top 10 Tips From Illinois Overtime Lawyers

The following is related to Illinois law only and is compiled from our conversations with various Illinois labor attorneys. 1. Verify whether your company pays overtime.

Economic Perils of the Middle-Aged American Worker

Individuals encounter various obstacles through his or her lifetime, which brings many challenges, opportunities, and unfortunate economic dilemmas. However, while various challenges yield rewarding opportunities, discriminatory practices occurring in various workplace settings especially towards older workers develop into economic perils or calamities as is and has been continuously occurring in various organizations. In essence economic perils of significant magnitude create unfortunate economic opportunities.

Employee Secondment Agreements in Plain English

An employee secondment agreement is a legal document drawn up by an employer that allows an employee to work for another company for a set period of time. In today’s business world, integration is key, but there can be no employee sharing without an employee secondment agreement. As you can imagine, these documents are often, long, complicated and difficult to read if you don’t have a law background. This is because not only does one company need to protect themselves, their intellectual property and their company secrets, but two do. Both companies involved need to adequately protect themselves from harm, while also laying out the time frame in which the employee transfer is going to occur, how it is going to occur, what the compensation and benefits are and what sort of return the original company receives for such a transfer.

If I Work in a Nursing Home Where I Suspect Fraud, Can I File a Qui Tam Or Whistleblower Lawsuit?

Yes. Under the Federal Civil False Claims Act (31 U.S.C., Section 3729), private citizens act on behalf of the Federal or State Government to bring an action against government contractors or any company who acts fraudulently with government funds. Under the False Claims Act, a qui tam lawsuit entitles individuals employed by the entity guilty of fraud to bring a lawsuit for fraud-related damages against the offending company.

Employee Free Choice Act, Part V – Socialism At The American Workplace

In our previous article on the Employee Free Choice Act (EFCA), we discussed the loss of the secret ballot for employees who are asked to decide whether they wish to be represented by a union. As if that provision was not bad enough, another harmful provision contained in the EFCA will introduce government-mandated collective bargaining agreements between the employer and the union that has been selected by a majority of the employer’s employees who have signed union authorization cards. In other words, let’s welcome European-style socialism to the American workplace.

How to File an EEOC Employment Discrimination Claim

A brief review of how to file an employment discrimination claim with the Equal Employment Opportunities Commission. This article discusses the procedures for filing, processing, and resolving a claim.

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