Diving Deep into the Trump/Weisselberg Indictment

How to Keep Your Job After a Work Accident

If you have permanent work restrictions and your employer does not offer you a job, don’t panic. This article provides five steps on how to keep your job after you have been hurt on the job in Nevada.

Workers Injuries – Get the Basics Right

Workers injuries are very common place. If you have sustained an injury at work, then there are certain basic tasks that you need to make sure you get right, in order to make an effective claim.

Workers Compensation Settlements – Are They a Good Thing?

A workers compensation settlement comes about when either an employee or an employer feels it would to better to look for a once off settlement to a claim, than receive or pay monies on an ongoing basis. Both parties get together and between them decide on a figure that is agreeable to both.

Why You Need an Employment Solicitor

Employer or employee? Want to know more about your rights in the workplace? Want to know make sure that your contracts are legal? Find out why you need an employment solicitor.

Non-Disclosure – Non-Compete Agreements – Structuring and Enforcement

There are several reasons a business might decide to employ a non-disclosure or a non-compete agreement (collectively known as “restrictive covenants”). In any case, it is in the business’ best interests to make sure that its sensitive information does not make its way into the wrong hands.

Do You Have a Hostile Workplace?

There you go again. Making yet another mistake. What did you do this time?

The Security Clearance Process For Defense Contractor Employees

This article is designed to give individuals an overview of the security clearance process, from beginning to end, which will leave the reader with a clear understanding of what to expect should he or she decide to seek a security clearance. This article only deals with defense contractor employees and collateral security clearances, (i.e., security clearances at the Confidential, Secret and Top Secret levels.)

Experts Predict a Sharp Increase in Employment Tribunals Following Changes to Employment Law

UK employment law experts and employment law solicitors who practise in the area are predicting an unprecedented rise in the number of Employment Tribunal Cases which will be heard in the UK in the coming three years. Furthermore they have stated that they believe that this rise will cost UK business billions of pounds. Experts are predicting that the coming three years will bring about around 370,000 more cases than the last three years did.

Avoiding Workplace Harassment Claims

Another day, another news story about a sexual harassment lawsuit against an auto dealer. This time it’s the general manager and the GSM versus the receptionist. Allegedly, they were snapping her bra, whacking her backside with a back scratcher, hounding her with come-ons, and sending her inappropriate text messages among other things.

Questions You Need to Ask Before Hiring a Tax Attorney

IRS Audit Rule No. 1 states “DO NOT GO to an IRS audit without IRS Representation.” IRS Audit Rule No.2 states “DO NOT GO to an IRS audit without IRS Representation.” The importance of going to the IRS with proper representation cannot be stressed enough because as the IRS Audit Rule No.3 states, “The IRS is not looking out for the taxpayer in an IRS Audit.” Here are some basic questions that you need to ask when shopping around for possible tax problem attorneys.

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