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How to Prevent Negligent Hiring Lawsuits

In an age when employers have an increasing number of incidents of workplace violence due to negligent hiring practices, employers are finding themselves caught in expensive lawsuits because they did not develop a pre-employment screening procedure that was sound and had the best interest of the safety of their employees and customers.

Employment Law Versus Human Rights Law – The Saga Of CCTV Cameras

It comes as no surprise to many that the UK has more CCTV cameras per person than anywhere else in the world; leading human rights lawyers to warn that their almost constant use in our everyday lives raises data protection and wider privacy concerns, since they can be used in an intrusive way. But what are the limits? At the workplace, employers are permitted to monitor workers in so far as it is necessary and proportionate to the management’s reasons.

Harassment in the Workplace

Various things have been prohibited in the workplace thanks to a variety of laws that have been passed by Congress since 1964’s Civil Rights Act. Harassment is one of those things.

Employment Law 2008 Update For Businesses & Illegal Workers

You must always protect your business. UK employers have been warned that if they take on illegal workers they could face a prison sentence and / or massive fines. That is the message from a new campaign launched by the Government to promote new rules which took effect this month.

Defending Your Rights Under the Employment Laws

With the changing times and increasing accounts of job-related disputes comes the need for various laws that focus on resolving these particular issues. Along with this, the employment force must be able to fully understand their rights under the pre-existing law provisions and utilize them to protect their own interests.

An Overview of Compromise Agreements

This article is an overview of the purposes and terms of a compromise agreement, a document that is signed by employees and their companies to limit or remove any possible claims that can be made now or in the future. It summarizes what should be involved in the agreement and what it’s causes and effects are to both parties.

What is Sexual Harassment in The Workplace?

Sexual harassment is unlawful under federal and state statutes. You may have heard the expression that distinction between sexual harassment and no sexual harassment is dependent on the attractiveness of the perpetrator and to a large extent this is true. If the conduct or environment is sexual in nature and it is unwanted then it is sexual harassment.

What is Retaliation Under Massachusetts Employment Law

Pursuant to Massachusetts law, the word retaliation is defined as; an employer taking and adverse action against an employee as a result of the employee conducting some form of protected activity. Retaliation is a separate claim from discrimination, it can be found in Massachusetts General Laws in chapter 151B. The word retaliation is not actually used in the law however the courts commonly use the word as shorthand for the word antidiscrimination statutes.

UK Employment Law

It has been suggested that a single definition of ‘worker’ could resolve this problem. An open public consultation will be conducted on this Green Paper and the EU’s Committee on Employment and Social Affairs will vote on the Green Paper in a plenary session.

Telford Employment Law Solicitor Warns Bosses To Check Staff’s Contract Before They Fire Them

UK Employment Law advice to company bosses warns them to double-check written warnings given to staff before they fire anyone. Employers relying on warnings which may be out-of-date could lead to real problems including breeching the Data Protection Act.

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