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At Last, Employment Law Legislation That Helps Business Owners

It seems that most employment law legislation is designed to make life harder for the employer and easier for every member of staff. From maternity laws to unfair dismissal, most laws seem weighted against the employer.

Now is the Time to Know Your Redundancy Rights

If you are unfortunate enough to be victim to this recession and have lost your job or think you are in danger of doing so, then you should take care to read on. The following will help you secure the best severance deal possible.

What Are the Causes of Construction Accidents?

Construction accidents are one of the most common work related personal injuries. This article discusses the causes of construction accidents and the agencies in charge of preventing them.

Understanding Background Checks

Background check is what everybody nowadays seems to be interested in, be it employer wishing to make an informed hiring decision, potential employee, who wants to see if the company he/she is seeking a position with has no history of playing unfairly with its workers, a landlord who is anxious to be sure potential renter has no eviction history, or whoever else. The term “background check” can be understood very differently depending on its many connotations.

The Civil Rights Movement and Employment

The Civil Rights Movement of 1950s and the 1960s completely reshaped the United States of America. Leaders like Martin Luther King, Jr. and Malcom X helped pave the way for the future by catalyzing change that would help make the U.S.A. a more equal, more fair country. Civil Rights leaders wanted equality for blacks in the U.S.

What Are Whistleblowers?

A whistleblower is a person who alleges misconduct of a company. The biggest question when dealing with a whistleblower is the issue of reprisal. The misconduct reported or alleged can be classified in many ways. For example, the alleged violation can be of a law, of a rule, of a regulation, or it can be a direct threat to the public such as through fraud, health and safety violations, and corruption.

Glasgow Council Faces No Win No Fee Claim

Thousands of women who were systematically underpaid by Glasgow City Council for a number of years have begun legal proceedings to try and recoup the full amount that they are owed in back-pay. Compromise package. Back in late 2005, the council offered the women a compromise deal, which would see them receiving a percentage of the due amount because, the council argued, to pay out the full amount would mean a dramatic cut in jobs and services for the community. Even at the time, around 300 of the women rejected the compromise deal, …

Personal Protective Equipment and OSHA

Every day, thousands of workers face potential death as they are not wearing or using personal protective equipment (PPE). To reduce the number of fatalities and to protect workers from injuries, the occupational safety and health administration (OSHA) has created a regulation that states that every worker should wear proper PPE whenever he or she is likely to be exposed to a hazard.

The Best Route to Negotiating a Severance Package

There are many ways to say it: Laid off, fired, sacked, downsized, let go and terminated. When your relationship with your employer comes to a sudden end, the initial feeling may be shock, relief, and anger. However you feel, you need to keep a cool head to take care of things. The severance package is one thing that you must keep in mind.

Harassment You Don’t Have to Take

Employment lawyer who will fight to stop harassment in the workplace. Handles all types of work scenarios that require a third party to fight for your side.

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