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Alternate Careers Lawyers Should Consider

With the economy being what it is these days, more and more people are feeling the pinch. Many lawyers are feeling the pinch, as more and more students graduate from law school and enter the super competitive legal field. Some are even considering making a career change.

Hostile Workplace Environment Laws – How to Use Them to Protect Yourself From Bullying Bosses

You are a hard worker in your company for many years and feels valued at work. One day, you have a new boss has drastically changed your work environment.

Employment History Background Check

Besides conducting interviews for potential employees it is also a good idea to also find out or confirm someone’s work history. There are various ways of how you can go about this and some of those ways are covered in the article below.

Employment History Check

Before hiring someone it is always important to find out about some of the places that they have worked and the experience they have. Find out how you can get and verify this information from the following article.

Fit Note – A Guidance on the New System

From 6 April 2010, GPs will no longer issue “sick notes”. Instead, they will issue a Fit Note; the official title is “Statement of Fitness for Work”.

Disarm Workplace Bullies With Employment Laws

Much has been written about workplace bullying in the most recent years. There are even an increasing number of complaints which hit the headlines. With this alarming rate, it was imperative for employment laws to be enacted in order to combat workplace harassment.

The Laws That Can Protect You From Job Discrimination

Having to experience job discrimination can have a serious impact in anyone’s life. Although it’s quite easy to point out the discriminating actions of employers or co-workers, still, it’s often more difficult to prove that you are being abused or discriminated against. This is why you have to have a good knowledge of the laws which can protect you when worse come to worst.

Is Overtime Required in Every State?

Many business owners don’t appreciate all the laws and regulations they need to follow when it comes to operating that business, but of course those laws exist as a protection for everyone. Laws that govern how products are made and advertised protect the end user and consumer, and laws regarding the workplace itself protect workers and even the environment.

Workplace Discrimination Against People With Disabilities

People who have physical or mental disabilities are capable of being productive and dedicated workers, but some employers wrongly discriminate against employees because of their disabilities. Discrimination is illegal, however. No employer can refuse to hire a person with a disability, provided their disability wouldn’t make the work dangerous, and there are numerous controls in place to punish employers who unfairly discriminate.

Employers Must Follow the Law and Inform Their Employees

Canadian law says that every employee has the right to know about anything that is hazardous and anything that will effect their safety and health in their work place. For example, every employer must inform their employees on what to do in case their is fire in the building. It doesn’t really matter if you work in a 1 level warehouse or in a 50 floors building.

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