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What is the FMLA?

The Family and Medical Leave Act (FMLA) was authored by Senator Chris Dodd and signed into law by President Bill Clinton in 1993. It is designed to acknowledge that employees have health concerns and other issues outside of work, and should be able to attend to those concerns without fear of losing their jobs.

So Much For Privacy and the Freedom of Choice

Sifting through medical journals today I stumbled upon “Physician’s Practice” July/August 2008 Edition. Begrudgingly I comment on the disturbing trends in the invasion of our of privacy as a sign of greater things to come. So what would YOU do if your boss came at you measuring tape in hand and reported YOUR waistline readings to the Federal Government? We could ask our friends in Japan how it’s going. This is currently their reality.

Employers Liability Exclusion

Insurance coverage can be a complex issue to understand. Which policy covers what, to what extent, which policies are required and which are helpful but not legally necessary, and what exclusions apply are sometimes difficult to determine. This article will examine employers liability exclusion, helping clarify which part of which policy covers which issue.

Advice For Pregnancy Disability Leave Law

Disability law deals with the cases wherein people got incapacitated because of any kind of disability. In case there complications regarding foreclosure, insurance and maternity to name a few, Disability Attorneys provide assistance.

Workers’ Rights

Whether you have been working on a job for 1 day or 50 years, what rights do you have? What can you legally expect from your employer?

Employee Manuals – How a Business Can Stay Out of the Lawsuit Trap

It is critical in today’s “lawsuit happy society” to protect the substantial investment of time and money that an owner puts into a business. If a company has even a handful of employees, an Employee Manual is one of the best protections that the owners of an enterprise can create to prevent overzealous litigation, be it from a current employee or a previously fired worker. Regardless if your company has just a few employees or tens of thousands, all businesses need to protect themselves with certain legal safeguards.

UK Employment Solicitor Asks – Are You Really Self Employed?

The grey area between self employed contractors and employees can be a minefield for business owners. You need to be aware of the risks involved if you assume your contractors are self employed.

Poor Working Conditions Lead to Railroad Injuries

As a railroad worker, it is important to be aware of the possible dangers associated with your job. Understanding that you are protected by the Federal Employer’s Liability Act is the first step in understanding your legal rights after suffering an injury.

Wages, Salary Kaput – Now What Do You Do?

It seems obvious that we are facing increasing problems with unemployment and I hope to alleviate the pain it is causing or might cause in the near future. There are remedies and there is preparation for such events and I am trying to shed some needed light on those two opportunities.

California Protects Transgendered People at Work

California law protects members of the LGBT community from workplace discrimination. Under this law, it is illegal to discriminate against or harass individuals who identify as transgendered.

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