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Maternity and Paternity Leave

When a family welcomes a new baby, it is an exciting and joyful time. However, it can also be exhausting. Thus, both parents may need time off from work to sleep and bond with their baby. Thankfully, the U.S. government has passed legislation that protects the rights of pregnant women, new mothers, and new fathers when it comes to taking time off work for baby-related issues.

Settlement Funding and Your Options in Employment Discrimination Cases (Part II)

In order to obtain settlement funding for an employment discrimination case, one must first be an employee. What constitutes an employee under the law?

The Entertainment Industry – Points to Consider When Evaluating a Case

When proceeding on loss of wages claims, an attorney must realize the entertainment industry is nothing like the traditional job market. In order to arrive at an accurate damage claim, attorneys must familiarize themselves with the inner workings of the entertainment industry and the roles that the various players undertake in getting a movie or television program made.

Discrimination Rights For Pregnant Women

As an attorney defending people from employment discrimination since 1991, the worst discrimination is against a pregnant employee. Harassing or terminating a pregnant woman can be incredibly heinous. Firing a woman who is pregnant leaves her with no income, no hope to find a new job and no health insurance. All that when she most needs to keep her job, her income and medical insurance to take care of hospital and other bills incurred in an expanding family.

Are Lawsuit Loans Available in Cases Involving Employment Discrimination? (Part I)

Most of us would like to imagine that such discriminatory practices do not occur in our society today. However, if you have had that rumination shattered due to such a practice, you may gain some comfort in realizing lawsuit loans are available and in many situations awarded in such cases.

Do You Know Your Employer Law?

Understanding employer law is essential to protecting your business not only from governmental penalties but also from worker complaints. Hiring a professional to help you out in this realm can keep you safe from any major employer law issues.

Analysis – Are Employers Required to Credit Pre-PDA Pregnancy Leaves When Calculating Retirement?

At issue is whether two laws are broken with one stone. Title VII of the of the Civil Rights Act of 1964 and the Pregnancy Discrimination Act (PDA) are both being called into question by Howard Lavin and Elizabeth E. DiMichele. In anticipation of the Supreme Courts hearing of the AT&T v Hulteen case in October 2008 six decided cases with outcomes which could impact or be impacted by the Supreme Courts ruling have been reviewed. Therefore are companies responsible for correcting injurious actions to employees before there actions were made illegal.

Choosing the Right Lawyer

Choosing the right lawyer could be a hard thing to do because you may know all of those lawyers. If you would like to find the right lawyer, the first thing that you must take into consideration is what kind of lawyer you need.

Work Comp Injuries While Team Building

Workers Compensation pays for on the job injuries in all 50 states but there is considerable gray area when it comes to volunteered events and “after-work hours” team building activities. Team Building exercises can and have the reverse effect that is intended if someone gets hurt.

What Should You As an Employee Expect From a Personal Background Check?

Most people, when they hear about the probability of a personal background check ran on them by their possible employers, start feeling quite uneasy and uncomfortable. And as such check ups become more and more commonly used, it would be good to find out what kind of information your future employers can access on you.

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