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Employment Lawsuits on the Rise

Perhaps it should be no surprise to anyone that when the job market gets stressed where unemployment rates are too low as they were or too high, which is where they are currently headed due to the financial crisis and bottom of the business cycle; lawsuits increase. If you run a small, medium or large business you need to be sure that your employment procedures and Human Resource Team is up to snuff.

Wrongful Termination

So, you were just laid off or fired without any reason at all. You are really angry and feel that you were wrongfully terminated from your job. Do you have any legal recourse? That depends.

Lawyers Leading and Managing Change

How leaders manage and lead through change is of the utmost importance. Failure to manage the process successfully means that law firms store up long-term problems for staff and themselves.

Employment Law – How it Can Serve You

If you feel that you’ve been discriminated against by your place of work, you may need an employment attorney. Laws can vary by state, so you are probably best off hiring a local attorney that has an intimate understanding of the local employment laws.

What About Employment?

The employment laws in California follow the “at will” hiring laws. This is to say an employer has the right to end your employment with them for any reason as long as the reason is not illegal.

Employment Agreement Amendment

An Employment Agreement Amendment is a contract modifying a currently existing and previously executed employment agreement. They are often drafted in response to a material change of circumstances in respect to the employer’s business model, the dynamics of the company’s industry, or the individual employee’s contributions. Check this article out if you want to learn more about Employment Agreement Amendments.

Employee Bonus Plans – Ensuring Compliance in California

Employers often design and implement Employee Bonus Plans to motivate employees to work hard and achieve company-set goals, be it sales targets, high marks on customer satisfaction surveys, or any other system of measuring achievement. Employee Bonus Plans are also a tremendously effective way to improve worker morale. Check this article out if you want to learn more about Employee Bonus Plans.

Understanding “Reasonable Accommodation” and “Undue Hardship” Regulations

The Americans with Disabilities Act, or ADA, regulates the treatment of employees who have either a physical or mental disability. This act prevents employers and companies from behaving in a discriminatory manner towards disabled employees in an attempt to guarantee equal employment opportunities for all individuals.

Planning and Documentation – Keys to Successful Employee Termination

In the current economic climate, many companies may need to decrease personnel to cut costs or may take the opportunity to prune under-performing employees. Firing employees can be one of the most difficult and stressful functions of a manager.

No Habla English, No Job

It is illegal to discriminate against employees in the workplace based on their native tongue or accent. However, studies have shown that employers continuously turn down prospective employees for their accented speech.

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