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Employees Who Engage in Sexual Activity at Work Can Still Claim Sexual Harassment

when a Plaintiff has engaged in conduct at work that may be construed as sexual in nature, whether it be sending sexually explicit emails, viewing pornography at work on their workstation or other similar conduct. The question that must be asked is whether such a person can assert a claim for sexual harassment and survive the Defendant’s challenge that such a person can not claim any sexual comments or activity is unwelcome.

Railroad Worker Hazard – Manganese Exposure

Railroad workers have many dangers to watch out for while on the job. Long term exposure to manganese has serious effects on the health of railroad workers and a doctor should be consulted if you believe you are at risk of developing manganism, a medical condition that derives from over-exposure to manganese.

All About Whistleblowers

This article discusses whistleblowers. Types of whistleblowers, famous examples, and legal protections for people who expose company misconduct are also explored.

Simple Compliance Steps To Avoid IRCA Violations

Most employers are first acquainted with the Immigration Reform and Control Act (“IRCA”) through meeting their obligations to complete the I-9 form for each employee hired. The I-9 form must be completed no later than three days of employment (or on the first day of employment if less than three days).

Background Check Release Form – What Is It?

There are many background checks available for individuals and institutions that can be availed to ensure security on the business deals and business relationships that they need to have; however, there are privacy laws that need to be observed. This is the reason for the background check release form. Before any company or institution get information on sensitive and private personal areas of an individual for whatever purpose, securing the form must still be done first. There are laws that also provide security to records for each individual.

Immigrations Background Check – What You Need To Know

People from different countries and from different walks of life love to travel and sometimes consider migrating to some countries with greener pasture. In the process of migration, people will have to undergo the immigration background check. One of the countries that are mostly considered for greener pasture is the United States of America. Citizens of the countries of Asia, Africa and even Europe are being drawn to the country.

Retaliation In The Workplace

This article explores retaliation in the workplace. Laws protecting workers rights, types of activities composing retaliation, and recommended steps of action if you are experiencing problems are your job are covered.

Using “Illegal” Subcontractors Makes You A Target For Prosecution

Of all the employment issues we advise our clients on, the subject of proper hiring practices is becoming more and more critical. Just the other day in Des Moines, Iowa, 390 people were arrested for immigration violations at a meatpacking plant. According to ICE (US Immigration and Customs Enforcement) this was the largest workplace raid in US history.

Whistleblower Protections

Whistleblowers are often persecuted for their actions. Learn about reactions to whistleblowing and laws which strive to protect these individuals.

American Workers Injured Overseas Get Compensation Under The Defense Base Act

Thousands of civilian American workers have been injured in U.S.military actions abroad. This article describes how the rights of these injured Americans are protected under the Defense Base Act.

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