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Employment Law – What’s on the Agenda in 2007?

2006 saw employers getting to grips with age discrimination and the new TUPE regime. Here, we look at what is in store for 2007.

Employment Law – Equal Pay

The European Court of Justice (ECJ) has handed down its decision in an important equal pay case, Cadman v Health and Safety Executive.

Employment Law: What Is All the Fuss About the Age Discrimination Regulations?

This article sets out the main provisions of the new Age Discrimination Regulations and who it applies to – including an explanation of the new default retirement age. It further gives guidance on harassment claims basd on age discrimination. It gives the basic definitions of Age Discrimination and the bacis definitions of which employees it applies to.

Colorado Employment Lawyers

Employment law governs all aspects of the of an employee-employer relationship. It relates to affirmative action, alien workers and visas, personal leave, safety, racial discrimination, disabled employees, safety, records retention and access, overtime compensation, testing, recruiting and discipline.

Connecticut Employment Lawyers And Why You Need One

Having a Connecticut Employment Lawyer is very important. Whether you have problems with your employer, or just need information on how to proceed, an employment lawyer can be a valuable resource for you. These professionals can help you come to the best and the most reliable decision if you happen to be facing problems with an employer. The employment lawyer that you choose will be the one in charge and responsible for giving you assistance and aid when you encounter conflicts or have questions as is your right as an employee.

New Jersey Employment Lawyers

An employment lawyer works two ways. He represents the employer, as well as the employee. As an employment lawyer for the employee, the lawyer can review the employment agreement and negotiate and propose additional terms or deletions to protect the employee’s interests. He also works towards negotiating severance or retirement packages. If you believe that you have been discriminated against, treated unfairly or wrongfully terminated, an employment lawyer can guide you in your rights as an employee and your options. In addition, an employment lawyer represents you in various situations like overtime pay claims, sexual harassment in the work place, employment discrimination, and the family leave act.

Atlanta Employment Lawyers

Employees are protected from unfair employment practices by several relevant laws. Employment law, also known as labor law, deals with workplace rights and responsibilities for both employees and employers.

Employment Law: Racial Discrimination – Unfavourable Treatment

The case of Webster v Brunel University [2004], was recently decided by the Employment Appeal Tribunal (‘EAT’). The applicant, Webster, was employed by Brunel University as a helpdesk officer providing Information Technology support to the administrative staff of the respondent, Brunel University. The applicant brought proceedings in the employment tribunal against the respondent, claiming racial discrimination.

Employment Law – Excessive Working Hours – Breach of Duty of Care

In the case of Mark Hone v Six Continents Retail Limited (2005), a pub landlord having collapsed due to overwork successfully sued his former employers in the County Court for breach of duty of care. Mr Hone, the claimant, started working for Bass (now Six Continents) as a pub manager in 1995 and in 1998 was awarded “Pub Manager of the Year”. However, in 1999 he started working at The Old Moat House where he found himself working 13 hour days.

Employment Law: Time Limits for Bringing Employment Tribunal Claims

Since October 2004 the time limits for bringing employment tribunal claims have changed.

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