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Reverse Discrimination – Does It Exist?

Does reverse discrimination exist in today’s society? The issue is still under intense debate.

Hire Hard, Manage Easy – Hiring the Right Person the First Time

How many times have you hired someone and regretted it almost immediately. You needed someone to fill a position and you were so desperate you took the first person who could walk and chew gum at the same time. Six months later you can’t wait to terminate him and your human resources manager is saying no. Here’s some tips on how to avoid the agony of living with a poor employee.

Ways To Fight Corruption

Corruption in America has weakened the faith of the American public as more and more people do not trust the integrity of the legislative and the executive branches of the government. Lack of ethics, human greed, and misuse of power are the main causes of corruption. From a government official, who takes bribe by handing down a contract, to a policeman taking money for letting a driver off on a traffic violation, corruption has become rampant in most of the American States today.

Handwriting Analysis And Legal Questions

Handwriting analysis, the science of understanding the character and personality from one’s handwriting, has enjoyed increased popularity and increased use over the last decade. With the change in frequency and intensity of the use of handwriting analysis, several legal questions have arisen. This article will attempt to deal with some of the most frequently asked questions on this science.

Bona Fide Occupational Qualifications

This article explores exceptions to workplace discrimination rules as outlined by Title VII of the Civil Rights Act of 1964. Bona fide occupational qualifications (BFOQ) are important and legitimate reasons for employers to prefer one type of an employee over another. This article discusses what BFOQ’s are and are not, with examples given for each.

Teen Girls – The Subject of Sexual Harassment

The problem is that many companies employ part time teenage employees, who neither understand the ramifications of sexual harassment nor take part in any of the training programs, read the manuals or are spoken to regarding sexual harassment by their supervisors, who in many cases are also teenagers. This is particularly a problem for businesses one would commonly find in a shopping mall, such as fast food, retail and amusement park companies.

Racial Discrimination In The Workplace

This article covers the basics of racial discrimination in the workplace. The Equal Employment Opportunity Commission statistics for racial discrimination in 2007 are explored, as well as specific protections of the law against discrimination.

Managing Absence

A look into the ways that an organization can effectively manage its absence. This includes using an absence management policy and adopting management tools to track employee leave.

Sexual Harassment In The United States

This article discusses sexual harassment in the United States. The basics of harassment are covered, including what composes unwanted sexual attention, how to deal with sexual harassment, prevalence statistics in the United States, and effects at both the individual and organizational levels.

H-1B Work Visa Myths and Misconceptions

The H-1B work visa issues is a contentious one, to say that least. As US workers struggle with finding a job, they cast blame on the H-1B program for allowing foreign high-tech workers to come to the USA and take jobs away from hard-working Americans. Defenders of the program say that they’re doing nothing wrong, and that they treat Americans fairly and equitably. Misconceptions abound on both sides. In this article, we try to separate fact from some of the fiction.

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