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Privacy in the Workplace Environment

There are two sides to the issue of workplace privacy. There is the employee side and there is the employers side too. Read this article to see what is the law when it comes to Privacy In the workplace.

Due Process Law in the Workplace

Due process is one of the most important rights that employees have in the workplace because it affects all of their other rights. It refers to the right of an impartial and fair hearing regarding employers decisions and procedures. Read the rest of the article now.

Introduction to State and Federal Labor Law Poster Requirements

Every employer in the US, with 2 or more employees, has an obligation to display the current State and Federal Labor Law Posters. These are designed to present important information in a clear format for employees and must be displayed where they can be easily seen by all workers, for example in a break room or near the main entrance.

What is Bias?

So, what is bias? It is defined as, “A predisposition or a preconceived opinion that prevents a person from impartially evaluating facts that have been presented for determination; a prejudice.”

Religious Discrimination at the Workplace

Religious discrimination at the workplace is still one of the biggest challenges facing many countries around the world, especially here in Canada and in the USA. Even through religious discrimination has been an illegal factor, it still happens very frequently.

Construction Accidents Leading Cause of Fatalities in Michigan

Insurance claims are often denied just so insurance companies can meet their profit goals. Workman comp claims are also often denied, especially the first time around.

Proving Your Injury Was Work-Related

People who have been injured at the workplace in the normal course of their job are entitled to seek workers compensation to help with their medical bills and lost hours. However, since may people try to take unfair advantage of the system, judges and insurers are reluctant to grant workers compensation. If you have been injured at work, it may be difficult to prove that your injury was work-related.

Employee Work Rights

I believe that employee work rights and their duties go hand in hand. Just like when the employee has duties to perform, his or hers rights should be implemented too at the same time. Read this article now.

Workplace Harassment and Bullying

Work place harassment can come in many forms. It can come in as threats, inappropriate comments, words, gestures, intimidation, displaying sexist or racist pictures, and even physical violence.

Domestic Violence Leave – Taking Time Off From Work

Domestic abuse or violence is the physical or emotional abuse in the hands of a spouse or an intimate partner. In the United States more than 80,000 women suffer from it every year and also report incidents of abuse to 911.

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