How to Remember the Prohibition Amendments #shorts

“Non Qualified” and “Qualified” Executive Compensation Plans and ERISA

In the benefits and compensation field “non-qualified” is generally used to describe arrangements which do not receive special tax favored treatment, while “qualified arrangements” do. For example a qualified 401(k) plan produces a current year tax deferral for contributions and a tax deduction for the employer’s portion. Many highly paid corporate executives and other key personnel voluntarily choose to defer the payment of compensation or benefits earned in the current year to a future year, primarily to postpone associated tax obligations.

The Vital Basics – Wage and Hour Compliance

The phrase wage and hour compliance is one most HR professionals or payroll administrators are very familiar with. It is probably a regular part of your job, and it is often taken for granted that you are following the law. And you may very well believe you are doing things right; but what you don’t know can cost you big time.

Common Permanent Disability Causes

Working can be a very exciting and rewarding experience. However, it can often time be a very risky and potentially dangerous experience as well. While unexpected accidents are common on work sites and in offices, they usually result in minor injuries or short term disabilities.

The Processing of a Thailand Work Permit Application

You will learn the step by step process for submitting your Thailand work permit at the Thailand Labor Department for approval. This article will tell you what forms, documents and support paperwork are needed to obtain a work permit for employment in Thailand.

Reasons to Make a Workplace Accident Claim – And Answers to Common Concerns

If you’ve recently had an accident at work that wasn’t your fault, then you may wonder whether or not you should make a workplace accident claim. Here you can find all the infomation you need to make the right decisions.

Managers Beware – Tips to Prevent Liability Under the ADA

This article explores the policies that take effect before and after FMLA. Read up on what you need to know about this disability act to protect your company and your employees.

Employee Handbook Red Flags For Multi-State Employers

Every state has its own laws pertaining to wages, Short Term Disability, FMLA, access to personnel files etc. Read this article to get the breakdown on what you need to know if you have operations in more than one state.

Insights On Why All Managers Should Attend Employment Law Training

All Managers should attend training on the legal intricacies surrounding employment law. This is an article that explains why and what you need to know as a manager.

According to the FLSA Some Salaried Employees Can Collect Overtime Pay

Just because you are a salaried employee doesn’t mean you can’t collect overtime. Everyday I went to work it was another trip into the land of misery. Now don’t get me wrong I liked what I did and I was really good at it. The problem was the constant abuse and belittling attitude of my supervisor and the owner of the company.

Unfair Dismissal? What Next?

If you think you have been unfairly dismissed by your employer it is wise to attempt to appeal. If an appeal is not successful then you may well be able to make an appeal to an Employment Tribunal.

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