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What Do Third-Party Administrators and Adjusters Do?

Third-party administrators (TPA’s) are companies hired by insurers and self-insured employers to handle their workers’ compensation claims. They must be registered with the state’s Department of Insurance, and their actions are monitored by the Division of Insurance Regulation (DIR).

Understanding Wrongful Termination Law

There is no getting around the fact that Arizona employment laws are generally quite friendly to employers when it comes to a question of wrongful termination. Many Arizona employment lawyers frequently recount the truism that an employee may be filed for a good reason or for no reason whatsoever, as long as he isn’t fired for a bad reason.

Know the Employment Laws of Your Business

A friend of mine who also happens to be a Human Resources consultant wrote an article on Ezine the other day and I read it and found out that a recent court decision has been given out that affects all employers in the State of Minnesota, the state where I live in. Here’s what the article had to say.

Job Background Check – How Long Do You Have to Worry About Past Problems

Having a job background check run on you can be tricky and discouraging, especially if you know that your record hasn’t exactly been impeccable. The fact that you fear the results of your job background check might not be good, and can have negative repercussions on your confidence, and the idea that this sort of check could be run on you could even make you give up on applying for a job that would otherwise be ideal for you. If you have such worries about the prospect of a job background check, you should know that only certain elements can make their way into the background reports, and even so, only within a few years of their happening.

Wrongful Termination

In these times of economic downturn, employers and employees alike are under stress to make ends meet. Unfortunately in the employer-employee relationship the boss holds all the cards. Lay-offs, terminations, and firings are on the rise at an alarming rate. In some cases, employers are so pressured by finances that they let valuable, hard working people go just to save a few bucks.

Employment Advice to Help Combat Increasing Redundancies in 2009

The UK can expect more redundancies in 2009 as the economy continues fall deeper into recession. Knowledge of employment law can give you a “heads up” if you have been made redundant or are expecting redundancy in the near future.

Compliance With Labour & Retrenchment Laws in India – Hire & Fire Policy of the Indian IT Industry

One of the most critical need of the burgeoning Indian software industry and other outsourcing service providers is to have the flexibility and the independence to hire the most worthy of the manpower and fire the unproductive employees. There is also a growing need to draw a fine balance between the hire and fire policy of the employer and the rights of the workmen. This article proposes to discuss the Indian retrenchment laws, right of compensation of employees and …

Employment Law Can Tackle the Bully in Your Workplace!

A recent Court of Appeal decision regarding the Protection from Harassment Act has made it tougher for employees to bring the likes of bullying directors and senior managers to justice. This, however, does not mean that companies should shy away from taking a hard line against bullies in the workplace, particularly those who hold a measure of authority – those in senior or management position, for instance.

Workplace Discrimination – Employers Need to Respect Employee’s Redundancy Rights

This article covers the ever growing problem of redundancy in companies and many people are claiming that discrimination is at the heart of this. This article further goes onto explain the steps that companies need to take to ensure that they are not open to claims of discrimination.

When to Hire a Hostile Work Environment Attorney

Every day thousands of people show up for a job they hate. Is it because the work is knuckle-scrapingly hard? No. Is it because the job is mind numbingly boring? No. It is because every day someone at that place of work makes life miserable for that employee. It makes suffering through until days’ end almost unbearable. It rears its ugly head as discrimination, be it sexual, racial, ageism or religious. It’s a boss who sexually harasses an employee or someone who chronically tells lewd, unwelcome jokes in the workplace. It’s a fellow employee in the next cubicle who gossips, bullies, sabotages or belittles the accomplishments of his neighbor and the boss who allows such behavior.

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