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Employment Law In France – Vive La Difference!

It’s different! The employment law amended in France has a different turn. A unique law, found nowhere else in this world! This article speaks about this ideal law of France. Want to know what is special and different about it? Read on!

Employment Discrimination On The Basis Of Sexual Orientation – Be Aware Of Your Rights

For the most part, gays and lesbians are not entitled to anti-discriminatory laws present in the workplace. However, with the dawning of a new age where parity in women, cultures and even sexual orientation is currently being pushed, this very orientation is now being changed.

Handicapped Workers’ Rights Under Employment Discrimination Law – Know Your Rights

Handicapped people are protected by law from discrimination. Read on to learn the rights and responsibilities..

Worker Compensation Under Florida Employment Law – Learn More About It

Working in Florida has certain advantages for its workers, which may be the reason why workers of Florida do not normally seek greener pastures in other States of the USA. Florida Employment Law provides employees with good facilities for disability in the course of employment.

Facts About Employment Discrimination – 4 Tips To Stay Informed

Employment discrimination has become a big issue in the employment industry. This article provides information on the employer’s and the employee’s rights. It gives vital information in order to avoid discrimination.

Background Checks in the Hiring Process

This article is about background checks in the hiring process. It includes information about reasons why employers may conduct background checks and the limits they legally face.

Labour Vs Employment Law – Unidentical Twins?

Employment and labour law are two terms which are usually used interchangeably. Actually, there is a defined difference between the two terms. Labour laws pertain and deal with the relationship concerning the employer and the union. On the other hand, employment law would apply to the relationship of the employer and the employee. Is this a manifestation of distinction without some sort of difference? Perhaps this is possible if you deal with employment and labour law regularly and the distinction between the two has been highly vital to your business.

Importance Of Employment Contracts – Know Their Value

Contract of employment exists as soon as an employee starts work, thus indicating that he or she accepts the terms and conditions offered by the employer. This is one part that an employee has to pay good attention when signing employment papers.

Employment Of The Disabled – A Delicate Aspect Of Employment Law

Employers as well as their disabled employees have to know the various aspects of employment law. A disabled employee can very well sue in case of discrimination at the workplace.

Landmark Racial Discrimination Cases – Their Effects On Employment

Thankfully, racial discrimination is now on the decline, leading to more diverse workforces. This article explores landmark racial discrimination cases.

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