Lawsuits That Actually Weren’t Ridiculous

Postal and Courier Service Injuries

Courier services and the mail are one of the most important lifelines of our society. Without their efforts, communication and commerce would be much more difficult or impossible. The nature of these services means that employees are under unique pressures and face risks different from many other lines of work.

Employee Polygraph Protection Under the EPPA

The EPPA has established specific polygraph testing and restricting guidelines for many private employers under federal law. These standards are not required of government entities, federal government-affiliated businesses or agencies, public school employees, or anybody employed with or a part of a correctional facility. Most private employers, however, cannot ask the same of their employees unless certain conditions apply.

Hiring the Right Lawyer For Workplace Discrimination

Everyday, hundreds of people have their rights violated at work. It is usually best to hire a lawyer who is knowledgeable in labor laws to help settle any disputes between you and your employer.

Starks Take on Gifts to Referring Physicians

Do you stumble upon questions such as these? Can you multiply the limit for a multi-physician practice? What about front office staff?

Obtaining a Lawsuit Loan in the Whistleblower (Qui Tam) Action

Qui tam, according to the Qui Tam Information Center, is a provision of the Federal Civil False Claims Act (1863) that allows private citizens to file a lawsuit in the name of the United States government. These claims allege fraud by government contractors and/or others who either received or abused government funds, and allows those private citizens to share in the monies recovered.

Work-Related Accidents and Injuries

Any and all jobs have a risk of being the place for a work-related accident. Any sort of activity that ends in an accident or injury while at work can be considered a work-related accident. Since there are too many kinds of ways someone can injure themselves at work and in so many fashions, we will cover the areas where accidents happen most often as well as the risks involved.

Rules For Collecting Unemployment Benefits

If a person gets unemployed without any fault of his own, then he is eligible for taking the advantage of unemployment insurance for a particular duration of time or till he is not able to find a new job. You must know that these benefits are not entitlements but a form of insurance and therefore be very clear about the rules for collecting unemployment benefits.

10 Ways an Employment Solicitor Can Help You

Worried about equal rights at work? Been discriminated against? Updating your employee handbook? Find out how an Employment Solicitor can help you.

Have You Been Subjected to Sexual Harassment in the Work Place? Need a Lawsuit Loan?

This article has been prepared for those who’ve been subjected to sexual harassment in the workplace and are wondering how to stop such abuse. Significantly, approximately 80% of harassment is unintentional. Furthermore, this unintentional harassment is often terminated simply when the individual is notified that such behavior is inappropriate and unwelcome. One of the key questions that will be asked of you if you do seek a lawsuit loan is whether you notified the individual who engaged in such conduct inappropriate.

Lookup Arrest Records and Protect Your Business

We live in a day and age where we feel generally most people are good, but in reality not everyone has the best intentions. In this fast paced world we meet many people in various social situations where we may want or need to know if the person we are entering into either a social or business relationship, has a past record of criminal history. With employers now running thorough background checks on applicants we also have the need to look up our own arrest records and criminal history to avoid a potentially problematic situation.

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