Lawyer Reacts to Artificial Intelligence

Understanding OSHA Regulations

Workplaces across the United States are charged with providing reasonably safe working conditions for their employees. This duty was established under the Occupational Safety and Health Act of 1970. This act also established the Occupational Safety and Health Administration, which is in charge of setting and enforcing workplace regulations.

State Labor Laws in Rhode Island

Rhode Island is a euphoric or overjoyed corner which is ideally situated on the land occupied by New England province of United States of America. This is the smallest state in the entire continent and covers the least area of its country.

Finding a Professional Employment Lawyer

With an increasing number of employee-employer labour disputes today, it’s led to an increasing amount of labour related cases filed in the court system. Also, with the civil rights of employees threatened to be violated by those intimidating and self-serving employers, many more law firms have become engaged in the legal field to provide services to those who seek legal representation and/or protection.

Pre Employment Background Check For Employers

Pre employment background check for employers is very important these days. So is pre employment background check for employees a very vital factor.pre employment screening are very important these days.

Employment Discrimination Overview

Though it has been over 60 years since the civil rights movement has begun discrimination in the work place still persist, and has transformed. Work place and employment discrimination does not just have to be based on the color of your skin, but it can also be based on your age, gender, religion, and disabilities.

Are You an Employee?

The legal rights of people who are self-employed are very different from the rights of those who are employed. The self-employed do not have the entitlement not to be unfairly dismissed, to claim redundancy payments or any of the other various entitlements of the Employment Acts which are only given to employees.

Risks of Nail Guns

Nail guns are a vital piece of equipment, needed for carpentry and other forms of construction. By coming in all shapes, sizes and designs, these tools allow nailing to be quicker and easier than ever before. However, these small devices pack a powerful punch and can be extremely dangerous if mishandled. Even those who are thoroughly trained in using these tools may also be at risk for accident and injury.

Fair and Unfair Employment Dismissal

This article is about unfair employment dismissals and all we need to know. This article includes list about what our rights are and what constitute to unfair dismissals.

Employment Law Solicitors, the Prime Minister and Equal Pay

35 years after the introduction of equal pay legislation, employment law solicitors are still confronted regularly with cases of women earning less than men for like work. The disparity in earnings is estimated at around 12% for full time workers. Employment law solicitors and women’s groups have welcomed the announcement of the new Prime Minister, David Cameron this week that he supports part of a Labour law, introduced by Harriet Harman as part of the Equality Act, which may force employers to publish information on whether they pay men more than women.

Unfair Dismissal Compensation – The Basics

The law protects anyone from unfair dismissal. This article explains in brief exactly what unfair dismissal is and sets out the grounds for an unfair dismissal compensation claim to an employment tribunal.

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