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Lower Back Strain or Lumbar Sprain

Muscle and lumbar sprains are some of the most common causes of lower back pain. A sprain is different from a strain, in that a strain occurs when the muscle fibers of this area of the body are abnormally stretched or torn beyond their normal movement. However, a sprain occurs when the ligaments that hold the bones together are torn from their attachments.

The Arizona Employment Protection Act and the Employment-At-Will Relationship

Arizona employers and employees have an “at-will” relationship, which means that employers are free to terminate employees without notice or reason, and employees are free to quit at any time without notice or reason. Of course, the employment-at-will relationship is subject to both parties’ obligation to meet other legal requirements, including contractual duties and compliance with various federal and state harassment and discrimination laws.

Protect Your Trade Secrets Through Employee Confidentiality Agreement

What would be your reaction, if you find that your employee is sharing your trade secrets with your competitors? If you come across any instances…

Non-Compete & Non-Solicitation Agreement To Safeguard Business Interest

In the present day, no business dealings are complete without signed Legal Forms. If you are buying or selling, taking the service of the contractor, appointing a sales or purchase agent, copyright assignments etc. a written agreement between the parties are necessary, to safeguard the interest of the parties.

Taking on UK Employees – It’s a Legal Minefield

From the very first time you decide to employ someone, you embark on a route that has numerous employment law hurdles that must be negotiated with care if you are to avoid the UK Employment Tribunal (ET). Any litigation required to resolve employment disputes can become very costly – both in terms of time, legal costs, risk of damages and staff morale.

When Employers Make Unfair Deductions Or Credits

Every employee protected under the Fair Labor Standards Act, or the FLSA, is legally entitled to an hourly wage which is equal to or above that of the federal minimum wage. But despite this legal right, employers may end up paying less than minimum wage after taking out certain deductions from employee paychecks.

Workers’ Compensation and Neck Strain

Employees with jobs that require them to perform one repetitive task throughout the day may develop a neck strain injury. For example, if someone is sitting a computer and straining to see the screen or must type on a keyboard all day every day, he or she may be at risk for this condition. Though the most noticeable sign of this form of harm is immediate pain, it is not uncommon for the condition to worsen gradually.

Be Wise in Choosing Among the Maritime Lawyers

At the very moment human beings are born in the world, everyday of his life becomes shorter because accident is just always around the corner. We really do not know the things that await us at the end of the line.

Fight For Your Right With a Jones Act Attorney

In the United States of America, Jones Act pertains to the rights of seamen which include maritime workers to obtain and seek compensation from their employers for injuries caused by fault of the vessel owner, crew or captain. Across the country the demand for offshore workers is very high because of the fact that it is one of the most dangerous jobs in the globe. This is the reason why the rate of offshore accidents and injuries are relatively high.

Employment Agreements & Amendments For Modification of Original Contract

There are certain employment provisions and conditions in the law, which should be honored by the employer and employee both, in an organization. These legal provisions include safe working conditions for the employee, execution of duties by the employee to his best ability and so on.

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