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Tips, Tip Pooling, and Tip Credits – What Employees Need to Know

Employees in the service industry have to follow a rule called tip pooling and this applies to waitress, waiters, and bartenders. Most people who come to the restaurants, hotels and bars usually tip the service employees.

Meal and Rest Breaks – Your Rights As an Employee

Employees should always know what their rights are as an employee or they can be taken for a jolly ride by the employer. Some offices do have good work practices, but some do not. When it comes to taking breaks, employers can be really rigid or nasty about them.

Proving Your Privacy Was Violated at Work

Just like home, even the office is a private place. You have the right to your privacy and any intruder is punishable. There are several ways in which others can intrude your privacy like hacking your computer, or going through your mails and so much more.

Employment at Will – What Does it Mean?

When you are applying for jobs, you may have come across a phrase called employed at will. This phrase can confuse or perplex an employee. Also, job applicants get even more troubled when they come to know the actual meaning of it.

OPM Disability Retirement Under FERS Or CSRS – The 1 Year Statute of Limitations

The general rule for filing a Federal Disability Retirement application under the Federal Employees Retirement System (FERS) or Civil Service Retirement System (CSRS), is that a Federal or Postal employee must file the disability retirement application within one (1) year of being “separated from Federal Service.” This is statutorily established in 5 U.S.C. 8337(b), where it specifically states that a claim may be received and reviewed by the Office of Personnel Management “only if the application is filed with the Office before the employee or Member is separated from the service or within 1 year thereafter.”

Types of Work Place Discrimination

I am sure that you have come across work place discrimination at some point in your work career. Here in Canada it is illegal to discriminate others in the work place and I am sure that each country has the same rules when it comes to work place laws. I believe that it is a crime that needs to be dealt with at all times. Keep reading…

Employment Discrimination Claims – What the Employee Must Prove to Win

When employees are treated badly and suspect it is due to discrimination they may wish to sue. To win the plaintiff has the burden of showing that he or she was member of a protected class, the employer’s action was serious and discriminatory, and there was no legitimate, non-discriminatory explanation for the employer’s behavior.Here are the four guidelines to help you determine if you have a viable claim.

Pre-Employment Testing

As the job market becomes increasingly competitive, many employers are resorting to pre-employment testing to determine the best candidate for the job. While resumes provide employers with some insight into the capability of applicants, a relevant test can really help narrow the field. Unfortunately, there are also several disadvantages to pre-employment testing.

How Federal and Postal Employees Might Recover Attorney Fees in a Disability Retirement Application

Federal or Postal employee often hire attorneys to file their applications for federal disability retirement with OPM, or to help them in an MSPB appeal when OPM denies that application. If a Federal or Postal employee hires an attorney, can they recover attorney fees from OPM? The answer to this question depends on whether the Federal employee or postal worker can prove four (4) elements.

Social Security Disability Claim

In a world where the government should take care of its people with all the taxes and fees that get cut off from our salaries, we can still claim refunds for some of them. A huge majority of people who are still willing and able workers apply for social security disability.

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