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Age Discrimination in the Workplace

Over time, individuals often gain valuable work experience that can be useful in obtaining new employment later on. When hiring, many businesses look for employees who have prior experience in the field and are familiar with the requirements of that particular position. Unfortunately, applicants may face employment discrimination based solely on their age and not their qualifications.

The Lilly Ledbetter Fair Pay Act of 2009

The Lilly Ledbetter Fair Pay Act was one of the first pieces of legislation signed by President Barack Obama, being signed into law on January 29, 2009. Its purpose is to combat wage discrepancies between male and female employees, and it amends the Civil Rights Act of 1964 and the Age and Discrimination Act of 1967.

Been Subject to Wage Garnishment? Here’s How to Get Out!

The term wage garnishment is usually reserved to the IRS process of forcing an employer to withhold a certain part of one’s wages to fulfill some back taxes. This is usually achieved by means of a court writ which is served to the debtor’s human resources/payroll department instructing them to withhold the said wages. This can only be done legally after the creditor has actually filed a lawsuit against the debtor and has proven that they have been unable to work out a mutual agreement to pay off the debt. This essentially means that the burden to prove the debt lies with the creditor and they must satisfy the court in this regard. This being said, wage garnishment can be a surprise and pain which further exasperates an already sour financial situation. Have you been subject to wage garnishment? Here’s how to get out.

Victim of Wage Garnishment? Learn This!

Wage garnishment is a term that invokes fear among those who live in states that legally condone the practice. It essentially means the process where a creditor who has tried to contact you to recover a debt but has been unable, approaches the courts and files a lawsuit against you. This creditor then then requests your wages to be garnished.

Stage Construction Injuries

Although many concert and theater stages are permanent structures that are rarely disassembled or moved, there is also a huge demand for stages that can be moved or assembled in a relatively short period of time. Outdoor music showcases, touring music shows, one-day performances, and other events often require the construction and breakdown of stages on a regular basis.

The Employee Free Choice Act – An Economic Catastrophe For US Small Business

Union favoritism as expressed in “The Employee Free Choice Act” will force more jobs overseas, positioning American labor to be even less competitive in a difficult global market. Anything that makes American labor less efficient is almost always a bad idea.

Issues in Tip Sharing

Many restaurants and bars across the country require their employees to pool their tips into one big reserve which is then divided across all employees evenly at the end of the night. Playing into this is that the restaurant may pay the employees less than minimum wage and then use the tips to bring the wage up to minimum wage or above.

What is Sex Discrimination at Work?

This kind of discrimination occurs when a particular group of individuals receive treatment that have a negative bias and can be either direct or indirect. Direct discrimination is when a particular individual treats another disrespectfully purely from the gender perspective and indirect is when at the work place, a particular employer shows negative bias towards people of a specific gender and does not apply the same rules or accord facilities offered to others of a different gender.

Compromise Agreements

As a general rule, any provision in an agreement which excludes an employee’s right to start legal proceedings against their employer is unlawful. The employee, even after receiving the agreed compensation from the employer in full, may complain to an employment tribunal. The exception to this rule is where an employer and employee have entered into a compromise agreement, which fulfills statutory requirements.

Age Discrimination

Age discrimination is something that many workplaces are having to deal with now as people live longer and want to work well past retirement. There is also another reason why people are working longer. Part of it has to do with good health as well as boredom. Working gives older people something to do other than sit around and watch television.

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