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What You Should Do If You Get Laid Off

Perhaps you’ve been “fired”, “downsized”, “laid off”, “let go”, “outsourced”, “discharged”, “position eliminated”, “restructured”, or some other euphemism for being terminated. Yes, this is a stressful time in your life, but being terminated from your company could be the best for you and your career! Millions of times a year, people leave jobs for other ones. Perhaps your company has already handed you a severance package? It’s not a “take it or leave it” situation-you can and must negotiate your severance package in order to obtain what you deserve and have earned. Relax. This Article will help you get the best severance pay package…

Federal Employment Law – Layoffs and Severance Pay

Before you sign any Separation/Termination Agreement for a Severance Package, you must read this article regarding federal laws which apply to waiver or release of claims.

UK Compromise Agreements – Get Independent Advice

Employers should beware. The compromise agreements they are currently handing out like confetti to departing employees may well not be valid, particularly if the Employee has not had proper independent legal advice.

Employment Criminal Background Checks

Do you own a small business? Learn the importance of running employment criminal background checks.

Employment Law Solicitors – The Only 10 Things You Need to Know

Been bullied at work? Think an employee is stealing? Wondering how to make an employee redundant? Find out what you need to know about the work of an Employment Law Solicitor

What is Discrimination in the Work Place?

This article explores the law of discrimination advising you of your options and when you may be able to take further action. What Is Discrimination?

A Federal Lawyer May Be Necessary to Get Your Federal Disability Retirement

If you are a federal employee, there is a chance that one day you will be unable to perform your duties. Whether it is for a physical or mental issue is not really the issue, and even if the issue is not job related, the fact is that you may not be able to continue in the job you currently have.

Affirmative Action in the American Workplace

For many, many years, there was an unwritten system of discrimination in the American workplace, in which women and minorities were kept out of prestigious and well-paying jobs, forced to stay home or work menial jobs. Thanks in part to the civil rights movement of the 1960s, great strides have been made to integrating businesses and making sure all people have the same job opportunities and advantages. One of the pillars to the equality of the American workplace is affirmative action, which provides protection for minorities seeking employment.

Understanding the Employment Law

If you’re an employer or an employee, or even a solicitor, then you may have come across Employment Law. In every kind of business there are rules built to run the business and for the employees to follow and fulfill the given tasks accordingly.

Different Types of Employment Discrimination

Employment discrimination can be defined as discrimination when it comes to hiring, promoting, giving job assignments, terminating, and/or compensating a person. In the US, it is illegal to discriminate a person at the workplace. However, discrimination does occur in certain organizations.

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