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Times When You Can Use a Good Employment Attorney

There are several times that a good employment attorney can be useful. For specific examples, read the following article.

The Secret Behind the Increase in the Populace of People Who Are Taking Paralegal Courses

The article gives us the reasons why people are getting into the paralegal profession. It is always a wise choice to be in the legal profession, whether you are a lawyer, a legal secretary or a paralegal. That is the reason why there is the required education and training to become such. Say for instance, you want to become a paralegal, all you got to do is get knowledge and the experience. Enroll yourself in one of the paralegal courses that is available at a university.

Don’t Manage With Money

Managers often want to substitute money for management. They want to use an employee’s compensation as the means of “controlling” or managing the employee. This article highlights why such a strategy is dangerous to your company’s wage and hour compliance.

How An Employee Proves They Have Been The Victim of Retaliation

In order to establish a prima facie case of reprisal, a complainant must show that he or she engaged in activity protected by some state of Federal law. The employee must also demonstrate the employer or supervisor of the employer was aware of the prior protected activity, the employee was subjected to adverse actions or employment decisions, and that the adverse actions or employment decisions occurred within such a period of time that a causal connection between the protected activity and the adverse actions may be inferred.

Pregnancy Rights For Working Women

In most areas of society, women occupy the same social standings as men, and are provided with equal rights. Unfortunately, 100% equality has not yet been reached. One of the areas in which this is most visible is in the area of employment and employment law. Women are frequently discriminated against in the work place on the basis of gender-often because of issues connected to pregnancy or the possibility of pregnancy.

Dealing With Employees That Do Not Follow Rules – Employment Law 101

Most larger companies and corporations have well-trained human resource personal that know the law, the changes in the law and the case law that changes things almost monthly. Even more interesting is when the company can rightfully terminate a misbehaving or rogue employee for cause, but the union jumps in and halts that action, sets up hearings and goes to bat for the employee, after all they are on the employee’s side not the companies side when it comes to employee termination generally.

Right to Know Laws Are Serious – Employers Must Follow the Law

United States Law provides that employees have a “right to know” about hazards in the work place, including and especially about the chemicals that are on the property and being used in the operation of the business or being transported. They have the right to know the risks to their health if there is an emergency, leakage or if they breathe toxic fumes. They also have the right to know what to do if an accident occurs.

Employment Lawsuits and Your Job in Preventing Sexual Harassment

A couple of decades ago, sexual harassment in the work place was a given, today when it happens it is a potential costly lawsuit and damage to an entire company’s reputation and brand name. Sexual Harassment lawsuits are quite common still and they often bring rather large awards, especially when juries hear the details, and believe in zero tolerance on such issues. A company must protect itself from these lawsuits and documentation is the key. Education is the other key and the final key is to take action if and when it occurs. If you have a large number of

Paralegal Job Description

The duties and job responsibilities of a paralegal have grown over the years as the legal community has begun to realize the benefits of having paralegals work for them. Depending on the area of law that is being focused on a paralegal job description can include assisting trial attorneys, drafting all different types of contracts including mortgages, marriage separation papers, and wills and trusts. Paralegals work in firms dealing in corporate law, real estate, criminal law, immigration, and all types of litigation.

California Overtime Pay Basics

This article provides overtime basics California. It outlines what qualifies as overtime and who qualifies for overtime.

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