Officer Involved Car Attack #Shorts

No to Working in Moscow

The Russian authorities are doing everything possible to restrict the rights of foreign citizens to work in Russia. This opinion arises from an incredibly complicated system for the issuance of documents foreigners need to work. Anyone who has dealt with the system even once can attest to the truth of the old adage saying that it is impossible to understand Russia with your head.

When Video Surveillance Goes Too Far in the Workplace

The American Management Association and the ePolicy Institute in its 2007 Electronic Monitoring & Surveillance Survey found out that most employers subject their employees to forms of electronic surveillance such as Internet usage, phone conversations and numbers dialed, as well as locations and activities through video surveillance. New Trends – Depending on which side of the fence you are straddling on, the emergence of new forms of employee surveillance is either very propitious or very unfortunate. Today, employers monitor social networking sites and the blogosphere for employees who might be less than model employees. …

Compromise Agreements

A Compromise Agreement is a legally binding contract between the employer and employee which sets out a mutual agreement to terminate the employment relationship. Such Agreements are used as a means to an end by both employer and employee to avoid the costs, risks and delay of possible legal proceedings and are also an opportunity for an employer of offer an enhanced package to an employee facing redundancy. However, despite their value in these circumstances, many employers and employees are unsure what they are and when they should be used.

Hiring Employees and Avoiding Legal Problems – Seven Mistakes Employers Should Avoid When Hiring

In California state and federal laws and court decisions set out the dos and don’ts for employers in every phase of the employment relationship. Workers today are informed about their rights and willing to fight to enforce them. This article describes seven common mistakes employers should avoid when hiring new employees.

Hostile Environments

Creating a hostile environment in the work place is considered discrimination. There a four major types of hostile environment situations.

Racial Harassment at Workplace and Employers’ Duty to Prevent Under California Law

The California Fair Employment and Housing Act specifically prohibits harassment based on “race, religious creed, color, and national origin.” Hostile work environment claims based on racial harassment are reviewed under the same standard as those based on sexual harassment. Thus, allegations of a racially hostile workplace must be assessed from the perspective of a reasonable person belonging to the same racial or ethnic group as plaintiff.

Labor Overtime and Pay Not Required in Trainee Programs

Overtime, straight time and other compensation for entering a trainee programs is often an area of litigation. Training is often an area of litigation where overtime claims are filed to demand not only payment for overtime, but for straight time when wages are not paid, because the rules are often misinterpreted. Overtime lawsuits arise when individuals feel their overtime rights have been violated, and sometimes they arise when trainees are unhappy because of training hours in excess of 8 hours per day.

Employer’s Guide to Dealing With Fraudulent Claims by Employees

A survey of more than 4.8 million expense sheets by employee expenses service provider, Global Expense, found that fraudulent expense claims account for about 350m, while 671m is paid to employees for expenses not recoverable according to company policy. The highest claim was 24,000 for a week’s training, while the purchase of 20 bibles, haircuts and even a betting slip, were some of the receipts logged in as expenses.

California Minimum Wage Laws

The California minimum wage was set at $8.00 an hour on January 1, 2008. Employees who do not fall under the exemptions but receive less pay have a right to recover lost wages.

Your Employment Agreement Became Outdated Last Week

The California Supreme Court on August 7, 2008 declared that noncompetition agreements in employee agreements are invalid unless they fall into one of two statutory exceptions. Your employment agreement may have to be revised.

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