Penalties for Lying About Roe? #Shorts

Does Higher Percentage Returns Really Equal Higher Risk?

This is a quick article depicting the commonly known correlation between percentage returns and risk. An investment is generally seen as higher risk if the returns are higher. But this is not always the case, especially when it comes to options trading.

E-Mini Trading On A Simulator Versus Trading With Real Cash: What’s the Difference?

I have met my share of individuals who were e-mini trading superstars on the simulator and couldn’t bring themselves to trade successfully with a live trading account. To be sure, everyone struggles a bit when they are ready to transition from simulator trading to live trading.

How Traders Can Guarantee Success – Never Quit, Always Learn

When people are initially drawn to the stock market, many have expectations of becoming millionaires inside of 6 months. When this doesn’t happen, and they’ve lost much more than they’ve made, they lose interest and leave the market. They quit. What they don’t realize is that if they put in the time to learn a proper trading strategy and stick with it, they can be very profitable. This article talks about the importance of persevering through tough times as a trader and how it will eventually lead to your success, even if you’ve been trading without success for many years.

Is Top Options A Good Choice For Trading?

When you are looking for a platform that can help you carry out your trading deals, you will find too many options. It is important to choose the best ones among them which will fulfill your criteria and serve your need as well. Top Options is one of the leading broker platforms and here we will check out the main features of this platform and what makes it a popular choice.

Seven Steps To Becoming a Successful Trader

This is a quick article about a book I read by professional trader, Alexander Elder. It is an awesome book and highly recommend it. Consider this my review.

How To Day Trade For Income

Many successful day traders maintain that the cause behind the failure of most people to become successful day traders is simply laziness and ignorance. Ignorance in the sense that they don’t have a clear understanding of how the market works and laziness in the sense that they have not taken the time to learn it. This problem can be all but eliminated simply by using the services of a stock market mentor.

The Most Valuable “Commodity” A Trader Can Have

This article is about how valuable “experience” with my trading strategy has been to me and why it is so important. The more experience you have, the more potential you have for becoming a consistently profitable trader.

A Bit More on Order Flow and Integration Into E-Mini Trading Systems

Recently I wrote a short article on order flow trading and have received an unexpected number of inquiries about the nature of order flow trading (OFT). The common question centers on how to use the data presented by OFT programs. I should say from the onset that many order flow vendors (Note: I have no financial interest in any OFT vendor) promote their products as stand-alone products, though several suggest integrating order flow into your current e-mini trading system.

Do You Sacrifice Profits In Search Of A Simple, Mechanical E-Mini Trading System?

It’s not unusual for trading prospects to ask me to if I could teach them “a simple e-mini trading system they can learn quickly.” If your goal is to master trading by purchasing a canned e-mini trading system that has simple indicators and churns out money like an ATM you will be disappointed in this article. The point of this short discussion is to contrast simple trading systems and complex trading systems and hopefully find a middle point that satisfies the need for precise trading.

Understanding Why Bitcoin Is Gaining Popularity in the Binary Options Trading

Now binary options trading brokers also allow you to fund your accounts by using Bitcoins. Bitcoin is a form of digital money, which defers quite remarkably from the other conventional currencies like the dollar and the pound. Some of the main highlights of Bitcoins are: It uses peer-to-peer technology, and is not controlled by any central authorities.

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