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Workplace Bullying and the Law

Bullying is a word that we associate with the playground more than we do the workplace, but cases of workplace bullying are increasingly commonplace. Statistics collected by the workers’ union Unison suggest that the increase in workplace bullying is not merely down to increased media exposure: according to the figures, workplace bullying has doubled in the last decade and a third of workers claim to have been bullied in the last six months.

Ways Employers Avoid Paying Overtime

The U.S. Department of Labor’s Wage and Hour Division receives numerous complaints every year from employees who were wrongfully denied overtime pay. While some employers violate federal overtime law without intention, others purposefully deny overtime pay to eligible workers.

Inappropriate Conduct in the Workplace

Employers are finally addressing the issue of hostile or uncomfortable work environments. Increased publicity about sexual harassment and discrimination at work has provided employers with the incentive needed to educate their staff about inappropriate work conduct.

The Right to Unionize

Labor unions have a long history in America; however, recently, union membership has fallen to under 9% of the private sector, a low that has not been seen since 1932. Union leaders allege that corporate employers are responsible for their diminishing membership, because they illegally discriminate against employees who support the union.

The Legal Circus in Attaining Disability Retirement Benefits

A federal employee may find himself in quandary after having an accident that renders him disabled. His only option will be to seek disability retirement and wait for the benefits. That definitely means leaving his job to live on the benefits alone or look for another job that can still accept him in his condition.

Overcoming Summary Judgment in Sexual Harassment Cases

There are several types of sexual harassment cases, and all face the challenge of how to overcome summary judgment. Plaintiffs claiming pervasive sexual harassment have the most difficulty overcoming summary judgment. These plaintiffs should be prepared to describe the offensive events over a significant time period and the description should show that the events are sexual in nature.

How to Avoid Summary Judgment in Sexual Harassment Cases

There are several types of sexual harassment cases, and all face the challenge of how to avoid summary judgment. Plaintiff’s have the most difficulty overcoming summary judgment based on pervasive sexual harassment, but have an easier time overcoming summary judgment in cases claiming quid pro quo harassment or severe harassment.

What Are My Basic Rights Under the National Employment Standards?

What are the national employment standards? The national employment standards are a set of principles which govern the minimum conditions which employees are entitled to under the nationally recognised employment system in Australia. The national employment standards are composes of ten relatively simple principles which all employment situations need to abide by:

Staying Out of Trouble by Familiarizing Yourself With Wage Garnishment Information

One of the most anger-inducing moments in a working man or woman’s life is to wake up one pay day morning and find that 15 to 25% of one’s disposable salary has been apportioned by court order to pay an outstanding debt usually dating back many years. As is expected, this can cause a tremendous amount of consternation and stress.

Exercising Presidential Protected Rights Invites Litigant Retaliation

Individuals, throughout respective lifetimes, encounter challenges requiring one speaking out or correcting existing dilemmas. In addition individuals use respective rights such as Constitutional, protective, Title VII, or inherited GOD given rights, which enable individuals towards developing an improved environment through usage of such rights.

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