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Statistics Of Industrial Injuries And Illnesses In The Uk

Everyday hundreds of people suffer from workplace related injuries and fall victim to illnesses that jeopardise their career and family life. Let’s look at some statistics

Security Cameras in Taxicabs

Ottawa residents may find themselves having trouble finding a cab come July 2, 2008 as a result of taxi drivers refusing to install security cameras in their vehicles. Mayor Larry O’Brian threatens that drivers will be at risk of having their licenses lifted if drivers do not comply with city council’s bylaw intended to increase public safety.

Exclusive Remedy Provisions – Why You Cannot Sue Your Own Employer When Injured

This article attempts to explain the purpose behind what are known as “exclusive remedy” provisions. These provide that injured workers are limited to bringing an action for Workers’ Compensation against their employer, and are barred from sueing them in tort (personal injury) as they could any other person or entity.

Defense Base Act (DBA) Claims – Determining the Correct Average Weekly Wage (AWW)

A common problem in Defense Base Act (DBA) claims is calculating the claimant’s correct average weekly wage (AWW). This article discusses some of the problems in computation of the AWW and advises claimants what they can do to ensure they are compensated at the correct rate.

Minimum Wage Laws and Age Discrimination

This articles discusses the benefits and problems of minimum wage laws. It also examines minimum wage laws and their connection to age discrimination, especially against younger workers. Potential alternatives to minimum wage laws are also explored.

Corporate Manslaughter Act

More people are killed at work than die in wars each year. In the UK about 400 people (employees, self-employed people, and members of the public) are killed in incidents through the operation of commerce each year. From 6 April 2008, companies and organizations can be prosecuted for gross failings in relation to the management of health and safety, where such failings have resulted in fatalities.

The Employment Tribunal

Last year there were over 132,000 employment tribunal claims made. How do you defend yourself from a claim, and how do you make sure they don’t happen in the first place?

Facing An Unfair Dismissal Claim?

There were 44,491 unfair dismissal claims in employment tribunals last year. Here are some steps to take to make sure you do not get added to that list.

Employment Law Training – Where to Learn?

Knowing employment law inside out, can help your company run more smoothly and keep down the costs of employment tribunals. But where do you start to learn?

Choosing to Use Employment Law Advisors

There are two ways to keep up to date with ever changing employment law – do it yourself, or use an advisor. We look at the areas in which an advisor can help your business run smoothly.

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