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Religious Discrimination in the Workplace

Discrimination remains one of the greatest challenges to equality in our country. Although discrimination on the basis of religion and other factors has been made illegal, it still happens all too frequently. If you have faced discrimination because of your religious beliefs, age, race, or other factors, you may be entitled to compensation for your losses.

Federal and USPS Employees – Will OPM Approve Disability Retirement For Obesity?

The subject of today’s post is whether obesity, or morbid obesity, might qualify you for FERS or CSRS Disability retirement through OPM. Obesity is a documented and diagnosable medical condition. In the world of Federal Disability Retirement applications, however, OPM employees and MSPB Administrative Judges still cling to the prejudice that obesity is a choice-based situation: that the Postal worker or Federal Employee who is morbidly obese is at fault for their condition.

The Pros and Cons of Severance Packages

With the recent economic recession, many businesses are opting to downsize. Whether that entails budget cuts, expansion holds, or large scale layoffs, many employers are still struggling to stay afloat. If you have been the unfortunate victim of a company-wide layoff, your employer may offer you a severance package. Although seemingly well intended, some severance offers have drawbacks that you may not have considered.

Lawyers For Employers and Employees

In any work environment, legal issues whether with the employees or the employers are bound to arise and hence the need for expert advice for either. Due to the increasing rate of work related cases, lawyers have a plan to solve issues raised by both employers and employees.

Reacting to Workplace Discrimination

Workplace discrimination affects people of all backgrounds: people of all ethnicities, genders, ages, and religions can face discrimination at work simply because of their background. But this type of discrimination is illegal. If an employer has refused to hire you, fired you, or denied you promotions on the basis of factors like your ethnicity or gender, you are entitled to take legal action against them. With the help of an employment lawyer, you can find justice.

Employment Law and Bullying or Harassment

Bullying and harassment in the workplace have been hitting the headlines in recent weeks. It appears that this little reported problem is in fact a growing issue in UK workplaces with many employees having spoken out following allegations of bullying in the Prime Minister’s Office. UK employment law states that every employee has the right to be treated with dignity and respect whilst they are at work; this means that they should not be victims of bullying or harassment.

Employers Are Responsible For Sexual Harassment by Supervisors

This article explains how the term supervisor is defined in the California Fair Employment and Housing Act. It also explains how employers can be held responsible for a supervisor’s sexual harassment of a supervised employee.

Jury Instructions For Defining Supervisor in a Sexual Harassment Case

This article discusses the definition of a supervisor and what constitutes a supervisor in a sexual harassment case. It also discusses how jury instructions are defined in regards to dealing with the definition of a supervisor.

The Elements of a Contract

It seems like just about everything now a days involves a contract in some form or another. When you buy a house, lease an apartment, enter into a business agreement, get a security system monitored, sign up for a gym membership, get a cell phone plan, etc, you are expected to wave through page upon page of small print. Whoever is in charge of sealing the deal will ask you to sign here, initial there, and sign and sign again.

Job Interviews – Ten Troublesome Questions to Avoid

If you’ve ever conducted a job interview, you know firsthand how tempting it can be to ask as many questions as you can to get to know candidates both professionally and personally. But in doing so, many employers find themselves in hot water for asking questions they shouldn’t, questions that, in fact, are considered discriminatory by law.

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