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Mental Illness in the Workplace

The National Institute of Mental Health estimates that about 26.2% of Americans over the age of 18 suffer from a diagnosable mental disorder in any given year. Given this, it is all but inevitable that everyone will find themselves hiring or working with people who suffer from one of these serious disorders.

When Does Horseplay Become Harassment?

Many offices encourage an open state of communication among their employees. Because there is such a state of openness, many coworkers actually become friends. Many people talk to their friends and joke about things to their friends that, in many cases, could constitute sexual harassment. However, because these people are friends, it isn’t really sexual harassment, it’s merely horseplay.

Sexual Harassment at Work – Education is the Best Defense

Sexual harassment in the workplace is a serious problem, and although employees know that it exists, many are unsure of what to do if they become a victim. This article provides insight from practicing employment attorneys about the rights and remedies available to sexual harassment victims.

Have Someone Experienced in Employment Law Help You Get What You Deserve

When someone is terminated from his or her job for whatever reason, they should seek the advice of someone with knowledge of employment law. This also applies to when they are in need of advice on subjects such as sexual discrimination, racial discrimination, and age discrimination.

Employee Full Background Check – Learn Exactly How

In this article you will learn how to do a full background check on a potential employee or tenant. This includes criminal records, credit history, last known address, family members and even a picture! You are also advised to use a reputable company, learn why.

Importance of Employment Law Solicitors

London employment law solicitors are of great help to both the companies and employees. They assist both of them in overcoming legal issues and matters, very conveniently. To know the importance of Employment law solicitors, read further.

Workplace Discrimination – 3 Things You Should Know About Your Rights

Discrimination in the workplace can take a variety of different forms, and there are specific laws that exist to protect employees against discrimination. This article provides information on these laws, as well as insight into employment discrimination litigation from experienced employment attorneys.

Pregnancy Discrimination in the United States

How many women believe that they are being treated fairly when it comes to employment? There may not be too many women in this world who can raise their hands to this question. But the fact remains that women are capable of doing the same job as a man. And the same premise should be used when a woman is pregnant.

Sex Discrimination in Employment

The United States has legislation in place that forbids discrimination based on a person’s sex. However, under certain special circumstances, this discrimination can be exercised. But we are more concerned about sex discrimination in employment as it has a tendency to rear its ugly head when it comes to recruitment, training, promotion or paying an employee.

Workplace Discrimination and Rights of an Employee

America has got laws in place that ensure that workplace discriminations do not occur. What constitutes workplace discrimination? Not hiring a person or awarding a promotion based on the person’s sexual orientation, adoption, paternity, parental, marital status, race, ethnicity, religious beliefs, nationality, citizenship, or disability can be termed as workplace discrimination.

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