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Mesothelioma and Lawsuits

What is Mesothelioma? What causes it and how do I get it? What are the effects? Can I prevent it? When should I go to the doctor?

The Unfortunate Reality of Family-Status Discrimination

Discrimination in the workplace remains a serious barrier to advancement and career stability for people of all backgrounds and walks of life. While it is widely known that discrimination because of a person’s race or sex is unjust and illegal, many people do not know that discrimination because of a person’s relationship status or parenthood status is just as illegal.

Multiple Employer Pension Plans and ERISA

A “multiple employer pension plan” (or MEPP) is a qualified retirement plan, such as a 401(k) plan, that is sponsored by multiple unrelated employers. The Employee Retirement Income Security Act (ERISA) applies to MEPPs, which must meet the requirements of the Internal Revenue Code in order to receive employer contributions for employee retirement benefits.

Understanding the Family and Medical Leave Act As Applicable to Employees

All employees have certain rights and privileges. If you, an employee, feel that your rights are violated, you need to talk to an employment attorney immediately.

Employment Law – What Do They Cover?

Having a company to run and keeping a good working relationship with your employees can be difficult without the proper documents involved. When you are looking for a law firm to handle your employment law-what do they cover. Clear concise written documents will take the guesswork out of many disputes that may arise and this is one of our specialties.

What Can an Employment Solicitor Do For You?

Got problems at work? Want to know if you can make an employee redundant? Want to know if your contract of employment is legal and enforceable? Find out how what an employment law solicitor can do for you.

Will an Accident at Work Cost You Your Job?

Everyone is worried about job security. During times like this when companies are keen to make cutbacks and ‘downsizing’ is on the cards for almost every organisation, many people are too frightened to rock the boat, just in case their job is on the line. So if you have an accident at work and make a claim, can it damage your career?

Arizona Employment Law – When is an Employer Required to Pay Overtime Wages?

Although federal and Arizona State law provide few guarantees of continued employment, employees are absolutely entitled to be appropriately compensated for the time they do work. Depending on how an employee is classified and/or the type of work actually performed by an employee, Arizona workers may be entitled to receive overtime wages for work in excess of 40 hours per workweek.

Employment Law and Regulations – A Lawyer Can Help You Understand

Employment law and regulations are a complex set of laws that govern the labour environment or sector in a country. Due to the extensive nature of diversification in the labour sector, these laws and regulations have over time become more and more complex, both in content and in interpretation. They govern both the employer and the employee and serve as the basis or foundation for any contracts drawn and signed by both parties.

Employment Law Services

Every employee finds themselves in one situation or another where they require employment law services. Whether it is discrimination at work, bullying and harassment, maternity and paternity issues, compromise agreements, dismissal, redundancy, whistle blowing, etc, these solicitors provide the legal expertise to help you protect your interests.

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