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Roadside Construction Worker Injuries

This article discusses common injuries to roadside workers and the actions a worker can take if he or she is injured on the jobsite. Each day, construction workers are required to head to jobsites across the U.S as they help build infrastructure, repair older buildings, and build or repair roads and highways. There are many potential hazards on construction sites and injuries are often caused by heavy machinery, construction materials, and negligent behavior.

Military Reservists and Employment

This article discusses the USERRA act that protects the employment of individuals serving in the reserves. If called into active duty, employers are required to allow them to serve, re-hire them when they return, and not discriminate against individuals who choose to serve.

Workers Compensation – The Importance of Finding a Good Lawyer

Accidents can happen anytime – even when you are at work. Perhaps you slipped on a wet floor, or you sustained some form of injury while you were performing your work. When these things happen, you can actually apply for workers’ compensation.

Inadvertently Defeating At-Will Employment

California Labor Code section 2922 provides: “An employment, having no specified term, may be terminated at the will of either party on notice to the other.”[1] Simple enough, right?

Retaliation For Worker’s Compensation Claims

Although every individual will experience some sort of injury through the course of his or her lifetime, people usually make every attempt to responsibly prevent accidents from happening. If an accident occurs at work, there are many complications that may cause serious problems for the injured party, including lost wages, medical expenses, and tension between the worker and the employer.

Harassment and Discrimination at Work

In a world where we are becoming more and more aware of what goes on behind closed doors, employees are encouraged to come forward if they experience harassment or discrimination at work. Often, new employees must sign the company’s harassment policy, and sometimes businesses provide an anti-harassment and discrimination convention. This article will explore equal opportunity policies, types of harassment and discrimination, and how to overcome these problems at work.

What Does an Employer Owe an Employee Who Quits?

Resignations and firings are an integral part of business. After all, you as an owner are trying to do what’s best for your company, and your employees will be trying to do what’s best for themselves. Sometimes these are two different things, and you have to part ways. As an employer, you need to know the legal ramifications of an employee resigning, and what your financial obligations toward him or her are.

London Butler Uses Employment Solicitor to Win ‘Slave’ Case

Butlers are becoming increasingly rare in this day and age, yet they are still used by the affluent and the higher social circles to wait on them during their day to day life; however, if their employees cross the line from treating them like a servant to a slave then they must speak out and make a charge against the offending party.

10 Tips For Choosing an Employment Law Solicitor

Do you need and Employment Law Solicitor? How can you make sure you choose the right one? Find out now.

5 Reasons You Need an Employment Law Solicitor

There are many reasons why you might need an Employment Solicitor. You may feel that you have been treated unfairly at work, or have been accused of something that you haven’t done. You might have to make redundancies and want to know how to go about it. You might want to change some of your company policies and need to make sure they’re still legal.

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