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Workplace Accidents – Your Employer’s Responsibilities

What should your employer be doing to keep you safe in the workplace? More importantly, are they doing it?

The Equal Employment Opportunity Commission Gets a $23 Million Boost

On December 13th the Senate passed the 2010 omnibus appropriations bill. Under the new funding bill an additional $23 million dollars will be directed to the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission to help tackle a growing backlog of discrimination complaints. The perennially cash-strapped employment enforcer will use the much needed budget to boost staffing levels and beef up on litigation attorneys.

Bona Fide Occupational Qualifications and Discrimination

A bona fide occupational qualification (or a BFOQ) is a characteristic that certain employers are allowed to take into account when hiring and firing employees. These characteristics would, in other circumstances, be considered discriminatory; however, due to the nature of certain jobs, legislature has made a few exceptions.

Whistleblowing in the Workplace

“Whistleblowing” is a common term used to describe an employee who reports inappropriate or unsafe work conditions to the authorities. Blowing the whistle on your employer can require a great deal of bravery. At one point, there was little protection against retaliation for whistleblowers; however, over the years, the federal government has passed legislation specifically aimed at protecting the rights of employees who decide to make the leap.

How Employers Cheat Employees

Every year, millions of dollars are compensated to employees who either had money taken from their paychecks or were unpaid for certain hours worked. Some cases have involved employers cutting back on insurance policies, but continuing to take the same amount of money out of employee paychecks.

Employee Drug Testing

The work environment is able to function with a little thing we call trust. Employers do not know when they can trust whether or not an employee or future employee is capable of coming into work under the influence or capable of influencing his or her habits on other employees.

Dealing With Issues on Federal Workers Compensation

In a country that avows to respect the freedoms of individuals, it is only expected that its government employees enjoy the respect of their basic rights. In fact, federal workers have certain advantages that they receive, which those in the private sector may not have. One benefit that can be obtained is the federal workers compensation.

Conspiring Against an Employee

It is part of the human condition to play favorites and disrespect others. When this sort of unprofessionalism arises in an employer or employee, there is a great chance that he or she will attempt to gather additional employees on his or her side to rally against another employee in secret. This is a conspiracy.

What You Should Expect From Your Employer

We have all taken jobs we did not want to do. We have all sacrificed our individuality and moral integrity for a paycheck. Some people become so comfortable with being pushed around by an employer that they stop caring about their own well being and instead focus on their employer’s satisfaction and the production of the company.

Workplace Harassment and Employment Law Solicitors

Workplace harassment is a leading factor behind the high levels of stress and anxiety that people suffer from. It often goes unpunished and unrecognised by bosses, and victims should seek the help of an employment law solicitor to fight for justice and compensation.

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