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How to Keep Your Company Away From Court

The number of legal battles being fought in the court in matters related to sexual harassment and the like are growing day by day. The series of sexual harassment lawsuits started with the testimony of Anita Hills which was broadcasted across the United States Television channels in 1991, followed by the lawsuit filed against the then President Bill Clinton by Paula Jones. The Supreme Court of United States set forth two very important decisions related to sexual harassment in the workplace in the year 1998.

Amputation Accidents

An amputation is the removal of a body extremity through trauma or surgery. Often it is a result of trauma followed by surgery. Amputations can be devastating for those who experience them. They can limit mobility and take a large amount of time and money to recover from. It is important to know what the common accidents are that result in amputations.

Employees Working For Tips – Know Your Rights

People working in the service industry in the United States, especially the wait staff of a restaurant, typically receive a substantial portion of their income as tips. Since the practice of tipping is so well-established, wait staff are often paid significantly below minimum wage on the assumption that the money they receive as tips will make up for the difference. For that reason, it is important for employees working for tips to know their rights.

Wage Theft and Hours Spent on Premises

Wage theft is a confusing subject for most employees. Employers then frequently take advantage of employees because of the inherent confusion when it comes to compensation. One of the things that many employees do not understand is that they are completely entitled to compensation for all time spent on duty for less than 24 hours. This includes compensation for things such as nap or sleep times.

The Definition of Wrongful Death

This article is about what wrongful death is and how families can sue companies if they believe their loved one died from negligence. The article discusses the definition of wrongful death, what families do who have suffered the loss of a loved one because of wrongful death and how companies can prevent wrongful death.

Diagnosing Workplace Tendonitis

No matter what your job is, it is common for you to develop a set of habits, ways to complete your necessary tasks in an effective and efficient manner. This can often mean doing the same thing in the same way quite often. From this repetitive motion behavior a number of negative impacts can occur in addition to your increased productivity.

Warning Signs of Repetitive Motion Injuries

Workplace injuries happen often and can range from minor to deadly. One very common type of workplace injury is those brought on by repetitive motions. While these injuries typically affect those doing more heavy lifting and manual tasks, almost anyone can be the victim of a repetitive motion injury. By knowing what the warning signs and symptoms are you are better able to protect yourself from suffering unnecessarily from these injuries.

A Guide to Employee Entitlements and Tax Implications For Employers in Restructuring and Redundancy

In the last 12 months around 50,000 more people registered as unemployed many of them through redundancy. Whilst there has been a perceptible slow down in the rise of unemployment, forced redundancies will remain a stable for companies seeking to reduce costs and restructure. So what are the tax implications for employers seeking to implement a redundancy programme?

Record Keeping and the Fair Labor and Standards Act

When the Fair Labor and Standards Act passed in 1938, it was in response to the extremely disturbing state of employment practice in the United States. The majority of workers were actually completely unaccounted for. There was no system in place to keep track of employees, so if an employee was treated wrongly, even if he or she died while on the job, there was no way of tracing it back to the employer so that they could be held liable.

Employment Contracts For Foreign Skilled Workers

Anti-discrimination laws in the United States protect citizens and non-citizens alike from discriminatory hiring and firing practices. It is just as illegal to fire someone solely because of their citizenship status as it is to fire them because of their age or race.

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