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Employment Discrimination in the Work Place – How to Spot it

Employment discrimination is a very serious problem and can be very difficult to prove. This article explains what to look out for in the event you think you might be experiencing discrimination in the work place.

Occupational Diseases

There are many occupations that have specific illnesses associated with them. Very often these are the result of some environmental factor in the workplace, or a result of the work itself. You may have heard of coal miners suffering from “black lung,” a disease caused by inhalation of coal dust. People whose jobs involve heavy repetition of certain actions can lead to repetitive strain injuries. In addition, although increasingly rare, some workers are still exposed to highly toxic chemicals like lead.

An Explanation of Workers’ Rights

All workers have certain rights granted to them by federal laws as well as laws from individual states which protect them against workplace accidents and negligent employers. In addition to the benefits experienced by employees, employers benefit from these laws because they increase the productivity of employees. The community benefits from workers’ compensation laws as well: the laws keep health costs low.

Lawsuit Loan – Sexual Harassment and the Hostile Work Environment (Part 1)

If you’re an individual who feels as though he or she is subjected to sexual harassment in the workplace, this article is for you. The information is designed to assist you in making a determination as to whether you have been subjected to sexual harassment and, if so, the appropriate steps for you to follow.

Verbal Abuse in the Workplace

There are many types of harassment in the workplace; one of the main types being verbal abuse. The fact is, any language that impedes maintaining a professional rapport in the office or within individuals due to intimidation, belittling, hurtful language, or mental and emotional isolation.

What Federal Retirees Should Know About Their Military Service Credit Deposit, Catch 62 and the MSPB

Federal Retirees with prior military service might have their civil service annuity reduced at age 62, under certain circumstances. This article describes what the Federal Retiree can do if this happens, and how to appeal to the Merit Systems Protection Board (MSPB).

Overview of the MSPB Appeal Process For Federal Employees

Most federal employees who are being suspended (for 15 days or more), demoted, or fired, may have appeal rights to the Merit Systems Protection Board (MSPB). For attorneys and pro-se appellants, understanding the MSPB Appeal Process can be a bit daunting. Here’s the various stages of an MSPB appeal, beginning with the Adverse Action Proposal Letter and continuing through an Appeal to the Full Board.

Explanation of the Mixed Case For Federal Employees With Overlapping MSPB and EEO Complaints

The mixed case appeal or mixed case complaint present special problems and questions for the Federal employee challenging that a suspension, termination or demotion was motivated by unlawful discrimination. This article explains the mixed-case complaint/appeal and how the process works.

Employment Law and Equal Pay Act

This article focuses on Employment Law and the Equal Pay Act. It also discusses how employees are protected from wage discrimination as states by the latter Act.

How Long Will My Workers Compensation Last?

When an employee is injured at work, it is often the responsibility of employers to provide disability insurance to help their employees get back on their feet. In cases like this, one of the most important questions for both employees and employers is how long the employee will receive workers’ compensation.

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