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Employment Law Solicitor For Collective Redundancy Cases

Employers are finding it necessary to make large numbers of their workforce redundant during the recession however there are some who are not going through the proper channels and employees are losing out. An employment law solicitor can help you to find out whether you have been laid off unfairly.

Underpaid and Undervalued? You Need Employment Law Solicitors

We live in a work-obsessed culture and put work before anything else, even our families. However, it seems more people are being underpaid and undervalued in their line of work, thus resulting in individuals seeking advice from trained employment law solicitors. If you don’t know your rights then it is hard to know if your employer is doing the right thing or not.

What to Do If You Are Injured at Work

This article about the steps that should be taken if you are seriously injured while on the job. The steps listed in the article are: call an ambulance, talk to your boss as soon as possible, talk to someone from human resources about the incident hire a lawyer to make sure you get what you are entitled to from the injury.

What Good Are Employee Compliance Posters If Your Employees Cannot Read?

Although every state is different when it comes to employee laws there are certain federal laws that employers must comply with when it comes to their hiring and employment endeavors. I’m not sure how things are in your state, but in the state of California there are additional rules which protect employees above and beyond the federal rules such as the OSHA’s “right to know” rules.

Sexual Harassment Law Information – Coping With Sexual Harassment

Dealing with sexual harassment in the workplace can be incredibly difficult for the victim. This article is intended to explain some of the common feelings associated with sexual harassment.

Unprofessionalism at Work

Unprofessionalism is more than just mediocre productivity or being naive of a certain skill. It is any behavior that will hinder productivity and/or relationships in the workplace. Unprofessionalism can be dishonesty, corruption, carelessness, disrespectfulness, hostility, greed, impatience, irresponsibility, laziness, pride, rudeness, or self gratification.

7 Steps For Employers to Comply With the Genetic Information Nondiscrimination Act (“Gina”)

The Genetic Information Nondiscrimination Act of 2008 (“GINA”) becomes effective November 21, 2009, and is likely to have a potentially significant impact on a variety of employer obligations, policies and practices. For example, GINA will impact existing Company employee handbook policies, practices relating to medical and physical examinations, wellness programs, and record-keeping and training practices. In addition, effective immediately, employers must post the new version of the EEOC poster – “Equal Employment Opportunity is the Law” – which incorporates both GINA’s new requirements as well as changes made by the recent amendments to the Americans with Disabilities Act (“ADAAA”), which took effect on January 1, 2009.

False Claims Act For South Carolina Whistleblower & Qui Tam Fraud Plaintiffs, Lawyers & Attorneys

A summary of the Federal False Claims Act for South Carolina qui tam and whistleblower plaintiffs and their SC attorneys, lawyers and law firms. The False Claims Act is highlighted to provide a basic understanding of the types of government fraud which are covered by the FCA and the procedures for filing a whistleblower or qui tam claim in federal court.

Sarah Palin’s $50,000 Background Check

$50K for a background check! Would you be willing to pay $50k for a background check? Apparently the Republican Party Committee and Senator John Mccain’s Campaign think so.

Workers Compensation Vs Litigation

People who have been injured in the workplace are often entitled to workers’ compensation assistance. By filing for workers’ compensation, injured workers can receive aid for time lost and expensive medical bills. Often, however, workers’ compensation is not the best option for workers who may have been injured due to employer negligence. In both cases, working with a lawyer can help you receive the full amount you are entitled to for your injury.

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