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Compensation For Accidents at Work – A New Government Bill 2009

As a result, the bill calls for setting up a new insurance bureau that will be run in a similar manner to the MIB. This new bureau, to be called the “Employers Liability Compulsory Insurance Bureau” will provide a fall back compensation for victims trapped in a non-insured situation as described above.

Business Lawyers – What They Can Do For You

Business lawyers and attorneys can advise you on how to properly structure your business, (be it through a sole proprietorship, partnership, joint venture, corporation), on how to deal with disputes that may have arisen during the course of your business operations, or on how to dissolve the business. With respect to the latter, it is worth mentioning that I have and am dealing with a number of business dissolution here in Toronto (it may be the poor economic times?).

Employment “At Will”

This term might surprise you when you begin to look at West Virginia employment law. It seemed a strange set of words to use, especially to someone who is seeing it for the first time. What does employment “at will” mean?

Family Medical Leave Act

The Family and Medical Leave Act (FMLA) requires covered employers to grant an unpaid leave of absence for employees who can’t work because they are ill, have a newborn child, or must care for family members who are ill. Under the FMLA a covered employer (one who has 50 or more employees) must…

Do You Need an Employment Law Solicitor?

An Employment Law Solicitor can be invaluable for both employers and employees. As employers and employees have rights and obligations in the workplace, it is important to know how and when to get professional help, what to look for and what to expect.

Internet Privacy Rights – Six Guideposts For Employees

Snooping employers may be tracking your internet usage, even when your usage is after hours and off-site. Why? They are looking for “leaks” in their information security. Employers want to contain negative information, to restrict communications that damage employee morale, theft of company data, or to track violations of trade secret and confidentiality agreements. They may have great latitude to restrict your speech or writing at work, but you have rights of privacy away from work. This article guides you through some of the major considerations affecting how you “fight back” against bully employers who cross the privacy line.

Free Year – A Solution to Unemployment Or Just a Vacation?

Some governments allow their citizens to taking a Free year from their current employment. This allows other people to work instead of them for one year while looking for a new job.

Government Promises of Pension Benefits – Beware!

In planning for retirement, the federal employee seeks verification of the amount of money to be received upon retirement. In some cases, a government agent with the Office of Personnel Management (“OPM”) or other agency will notify the employee of a guaranteed sum of monthly pension benefits. There are even cases in which the government will make this promise to the employee in writing. When the employee retires however, the government argues that the promise was made in error and that employee is not in fact entitled to the promised amount.

Legal Landmines – 2009 Law Changes Could Impact Your Business

Are you going to be taken to court this year? That is a strange question to ask an honest hardworking business owner, but that is exactly what could happen if you do not take proactive steps. It is vital to understand the latest changes to the ADA and FMLA acts.

Five Major Points to Remember When You Compete Against Your Former Employer in California

You finally found that new job, and your new employer is impressed by the depth of your experience in the industry. Problems begin however when you and your new employer receive a letter from your former employer threatening a lawsuit and accusing you of unfair competition in violation of a non-compete agreement or a confidentiality/trade secret agreement. This article will guide you through some of the major questions as you decide how to respond.

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