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With Absenteeism on the Rise What Can You Do to Prevent Somebody Abusing the System?

The level of absenteeism by way of frequent short-term sickness absence is an issue of serious concern to most businesses. The employer should deal carefully and sympathetically with disabled employees and those who are absent through long-term illness but businesses are entitled to adopt rigorous standards when it comes to dealing with frequent short-term absence for various unrelated reasons. The first method of dealing with absenteeism is through financial incentives.

You Are Entitled to Have Access to Your Personal Files at Work

Most employees and some employers are not aware that employees generally have a right to access the information in their personnel files. This right of access under the 1998 Data Protection Act applies whenever personnel files are kept in a filing system under which specific data about individuals can be readily extracted.

Businesses Trying to Use Compromise Agreements to Lessen the Impact of Claims

The number of claims made to the Employment Tribunal has grown enormously over the past decade. In the last recorded year, 132,492 claims were made by employees including 43,510 unfair dismissal claims, 47,776 breach of contract/unpaid wages claims and 17,842 discrimination claims. This is great news for employment lawyers but causes serious difficulties for small and medium sized businesses.

How to Find an Arizona Employment Attorney

Needing to find an employment lawyer is never pleasant. That need usually comes up becomes you have been wronged in some manner by your employer, or an employee has accused you or your company of doing something wrong. Whatever the claims are, you should try and find an experienced Arizona employment law firm that can help you obtain the relief you are entitled to.

Age Discrimination in Employment

Age discrimination occurs when an employer treats an individual less favorably because of their age. Unfortunately, age discrimination is an increasing problem in American workplaces. Both Michigan and federal law prohibit age discrimination and provide damages for its victims.

Worker Rights Under the EPPA

Harassment, discrimination, and retaliation in the workplace can occur in many different ways. Some forms of harassment may be disguised as seemingly permissible actions, which are either unethical or illegal under further examination. An angry employer, for example, may attempt to force an employee to submit to polygraph or lie detector tests in an effort to discredit his or her claim of harassment or discrimination at work.

Sexual Orientation Discrimination

This article discusses the basics of sexual orientation, as well as the legal implications of discrimination in the workplace. States who protect gay, lesbian, and bisexual employees, as well as SONDA, are explored as well.

Should Arizona Paralegals & Legal Assistants Be Paid Overtime Wages?

Recent surveys reveal that many law firms, including law firms employing paralegals and legal assistants throughout the State of Arizona, do not pay such employees overtime wages, choosing instead to classify them as “exempt” employees. Although an employer law firm may tell such employees that they are not entitled to overtime pay because the position is “exempt” from the overtime requirements of the Fair Labor Standards Act, neither the job description nor the work performed usually supports the claimed exemption. Section 13(a)(1) of the FLSA provides an exemption from both minimum wage and overtime pay for employees …

Practical Hints on Background Check (Part 3)

One of the dumbest things a manager could do is fail to arrange for some kind of background check on contenders applying for high profile jobs. The higher the amount of responsibility required, the more detailed this check would need to be. Otherwise, the consequences could be severe.


The AFL-CIO is the largest union federation in the United States. The organization represents more than 10 million workers worldwide.

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