Trump DOJ Spied on Reporters #Shorts

FSA Requirement For the Compulsory Recording of Phone Calls

To deter and detect market abuse, the Financial Services Authority (“FSA”) in its new rules – the Conduct of Business Sourcebook (Recording of Telephone Conversations and Electronic Communications) Instrument 2008, which comes into force on the 6th of March 2009, requires certain employers in the sector to record telephone conversations and retain electronic communications made in the UK by employees to clients. There are a few exceptions such as mobile phone conversations and communications (except emails) made with, sent from or received on a mobile telephone or other mobile handheld electronic communication device.

Reasons Someone Might Need an Employment Attorney

Generally speaking, being let go from a place of employment happens to be a fact of life. We get a job, we loose a job, we move on. But in some instances, the reason for a lay off is unacceptable. There are several reasons that someone might require the help of an Employment Attorney.

Employment Law – How to Make it Work For You in a Recession!

As every media outlet in the UK and beyond has been repeatedly telling us for the past couple of months, we are already in a period of economic recession. As you will also be aware, this means a tough time for businesses small and large. A topic that might not immediately spring to mind when you think of this, however, is that of Employment Law and in particular the risks you are taking if you your employment procedures are not compliant.

Employment Law Solicitors – 7 Essential Qualities to Look For!

Nobody needs to be reminded that due to the economic recession we are currently experiencing, times are hard for all businesses, whatever their size. Although it may not the first thing that comes to your mind if you are involved in running a business, clear, concise employment law advice should be strongly considered no matter what the economic climate, especially if you are looking to reduce the size of your workforce or review contractual terms and conditions. Consequently, here are seven tips on what to look for if you need employment law advice…

Top 5 Employment Practice Myths EPLI Insurance Employment Practices Liability

A Company can be Financially Devastated when a Savvy Trial Lawyer Teams up with a Disgruntled Employee to File an Employment Practices Related Lawsuit. Take steps to protect your company by investigating Employment Practices Liability Insurance or EPLI insurance.

Protect Your Employees From Hearing Impairment Caused by Noise in Your Workplace

Over the years, advancements in modern technology have led to a significant increase in the volume and variety of environmental pollutants. One of such pollutants, which happens to be an immediate and identifiable one is Noise. Sound(s) of various levels of intensity necessarily occur in the human environment. However, when a sound(s) becomes unexpected or unwanted by virtue of it being unpleasant, interfering and harmful to the human system, then it is referred to as NOISE.

Losing Faith in the System

I recently discovered that the domestic staff I have employed for over five years have been systematically stealing from me. My recourse appears to be limited and confined to arbitration and conciliation. Are you, too, losing faith in the system?

Compromise Agreements – How to Ensure You Receive the Right Redundancy Settlement

With so many people losing their jobs at the moment, there is much talk of redundancy. For the employee the very word can strike fear into them. Often when redundancy is finally announced the employee has already accepted their fate and takes it without consideration that they might not be receiving adequate compensation. So what can an employee do to ensure that the compensation is fair and reasonable?

How to Choose an Employment Law Solicitor

Need an Employment Law Solicitor? Not sure how to choose one? Make sure that you read this, and get the right one for your needs.

Will the Michigan Non-Compete Law Change in a Down Economy?

We live in an interesting time with a severe downturn in the economy dominating the news. For many Michigan citizens, this downturn means unemployment through layoffs and terminations. Many employees mindlessly sign non-compete agreements when they start their jobs, thinking that they will work for the employer indefinitely into the future. Will Michigan courts enforce non-compete agreements like they have over the last decade?

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