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Workers’ Compensation Attorneys Can Help You Determine Your Eligible Benefit Payments

One area of the workers’ compensation claim process that is not well known is that when an employee is injured on the job, the employee must prove that he/she is entitled to and is eligible to receive workers’ compensation benefits. Since the initial burden of proof of eligibility is on the injured worker, an experienced workers’ compensation attorney can provide extensive assistance in compiling the necessary information at the very beginning of the claim process and making timely submittals.

Employment Law – Hiring an Employment Service Does Not Protect You From All Liability

Most small business people assume that if they hire an employment service or staffing agency to handle their workers that everything has been taken care of and all the liability is now in the hands of the outsourced company. This is not exactly so. You see, just because you’ve hired such a group to handle this, does not mean that all the clauses in the contract alleviate you from all of your responsibilities as an employer.

Employment Law – Jobless Numbers in the US Rise – In Iraq, Quite the Opposite Actually

The unemployment rates in the United States continue to rise and many states now show their unemployment rates at 20%. Many of these regions in our country are experiencing budget cuts that are unheard of, unbelievable foreclosure rates, and exacerbated bankruptcy filings. If we look at Iraq we see their country getting back to normal and the employment rate of 56% just a year ago is down to 34% now.

Employment Law – Firing on the Spot For Poor Customer Service Considered!

As a small business owner one must constantly tell the customer they are right, and tell them that they are number one. And yet at the same time they must reinforce their loyalty to their own team and employees. This is often a hard line to straddle, but it is very necessary in running a business.

Employment Law and Grounds For Firing – White Lies and So Called Mistakes on Resumes

Many employees don’t realize that when they doctor up their resumes or they purposely make mistakes on their resume to make themselves look good, they are actually committing a fraud. It is indeed a fire-able offence if and when they are caught. Many employees tell white lies during an interview or on their resume and then they get hired.

Employment Law and Fake Training Certificates Considered

Creating a fake training certificate is very easy with a word processing program, a scanner, and an actual original that has someone else’s name on it. Still, it is a fake, and it is a forgery, not to mention the fact that it is against the law to purport that you have taken a training course that you did not. In Washington DC about seven or eight years ago, they were hiring a tremendous number of information technology specialists to help them upgrade all the software and computer systems that run our government.

What Are the Top Four Benefits I Should Be Aware of When Leaving My Employer?

Taking the extra time to address your benefits before leaving or shortly after you leave your employer can save you from grief for years to come. Without any action, you could forego valuable benefits or jeopardize your health. Listed below are the top four benefits that should be addressed as soon as possible.

Contracts of Employment – Advice For Employers

As a vast majority of businesses need employees in order to expand, company directors, sooner or later, have to face the process of recruiting people and familiarize themselves with the employment law. Once the selection of candidates is made and the job is offered, the law comes in the way.

Car Washes in California Fined For Not Paying Workmen’s Compensation

The car washing and detail industry has often exploited labor and in Northern California they have exploited Chinese in the Bay Area and Mexicans in Southern California and Central Valley. Not long ago, I met a Stanford graduate who had a degree in minority studies. He is also a HS Honors Teacher of History locally.

Employment Law – Better Know and Understand it in the Building Industry

Not all small businesses are enforced equally by OSHA. There are certain industries were OSHA knows they will find problems, fraud, unfinished paperwork, improper employee notifications, poor training, and thus, collect fines, fees, or even arrests for misconduct or violation of its laws, rules, and regulations. When it comes to employment law and OSHA-standards one of the most enforced industries is the building sector.

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