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What to Do If You Are a Victim of Employment Discrimination

There are certain, well-defined reasons for which you cannot face bias from your employer. You need to know your rights and the best ways to assert these rights as you travel through the administrative and legal process of filing a complaint. You deserve the right to support your family, move forward in your career, and maintain a solid professional reputation without the ugly threat of discrimination hovering over you.

Employee Relocation Rights

Companies relocate themselves and their employees for a variety of reasons including; to acquire more space, to reduce operating costs, to update facilities, to move closer to their major market, to establish a presence in a new market and to consolidate into fewer facilities. In this current economic downturn it is more than likely to be about reducing operating costs.

Protecting Yourself Against Claims of Discrimination and Wrongful Termination

It is in your interest to hire an employment lawyer as soon as you receive notice of an investigation concerning possible discrimination at your workplace. An attorney will assist you in the important process of being fully compliant with the request for materials. Your attorney also will be your advocate in presenting the best possible defense and ensure that all relevant state and federal laws are being applied on your behalf.

A Guide to British Employment Law

If you’re an employer or an employee, or even a solicitor, then you may have come across Employment Law. The following article explains the history of the laws of employment in Britain and the impact of the legislation which has occurred over the years.

The Impact of Employment Law Cases

Think you may have been discriminated at work? Want to know if you can sack an employee? Find out more about how Employment Law affects you.

The Rules of Redundancy

It pays to be informed, whatever the situation. Stay on top of employment relations by keeping yourself up to speed with redundancy rules and regulations and how they affect you, whether you are an employee or employer.

Employee Claims Lawyer – No Win No Pay!

Accidents at workplace can be prevented by following all the safety guidelines. It is the duty of employers to provide adequate training to all the employees. If an employee or worker is required to handle heavy machinery and equipments, he or she must be provided training. If an employee happens to meet with an accident due to improper safety guidelines, he or she can make a claim.

Where to Go For Employment Law Advice

Unhappy that your discrimination complaints are not listened to at work? Has your grievance not been dealt with properly? Want legal advice to see if you have a claim against your employer? Find out how to get the UK employment law help and advice you need.

Employment Law Basics for Hawaii Employers – Policies and Training for Prevention and Risk Reduction

It is well established under federal Title VII law that an employer is liable for actionable sexual harassment caused by a supervisor with “immediate (or successively higher) authority over the employee.” However, in cases where the employee does not suffer a “tangible employment action,” such as discharge, demotion, or an unfavorable reassignment, there is an affirmative defense that an employer may raise to avoid Title VII liability and damages. Under such affirmative defense whether an employer has an anti-harassment policy is relevant evidence.

Swine Flu – How Will it Affect You Or Your Business?

Swine Flu cases are creeping up and we could soon be in a pandemic. Find out how it might affect you as an employee or your business. Check out some of the common questions here.

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