Why You Should Keep Working For As Long As You Can

Should You Set Your Stop/Loss and Profit Targets Equidistant?

Is not unusual to hear a wide variety of opinions on how you should set your stops when e-mini trading. Some of the advice I read is quite sound, some is just plain wrong, and some of the advice is downright hilarious.

January Is the Month When I Am Flooded With New Traders, But December Is Better Month to Learn

If you start a trading course in January you essentially miss some of the best trading of the year. Why? When you begin e-mini training it takes at least a month to acquaint yourself with trading platforms, trading technique, emotional control, and a host of other essential skills that are required before one begins trading live, and even a month of training is often not sufficient.

A Story of 2 Novice Traders and Their Experience With Fear Based E-Mini Trading

If you have spent any time learning to trade e-mini contracts you should have heard several stern lectures on the primary emotions in trading; fear and greed. These 2 emotions are at the very heart of understanding the basics of trading. Oddly enough, individuals new to e-mini trading will seldom admit that they experience either fear or greed.

Would You Like to Be an E-Mini Day Trader? Let’s Start at the Very Beginning

I often wonder why individuals hit upon the idea to become active in seeking a career in e-mini trading. There are numerous obstacles to success in this business, and it takes a dedicated and doggedly determined individual to succeed. The numbers are no secret; well over 90% of new traders are flat broke at the end of 3 months.

Predictive Indicators in E-Mini Trading Versus Real Support and Resistance

I have a fairly frank admission that I need to express to my readers. I spent a good deal of my career hanging around and trading on several exchange floors and spent and equal amount of time in back room trading operations. Here is the tough part; the first time I heard of floor trader pivots was when I retired and started my career as a retail trader.

Television Talking Heads, Guru Article Predictions, Short-Term Talking Heads and Other Claptrap

One thing you can bank on is this; the more uncertain the market becomes the more people talk about their “on the money” predictions for the future and the phenomenal e-mini trading predictions they have made in the past. Oddly enough, they usually trot out the same tired trading gurus every time the market comes to a crossroad.

How to Choose an Options Broker

With many online brokers, it is always hard to make a decision on who to trade with. Not to mention, which binary options broker is regulated or which platform will offer me the best service. This article is just a summary of what are some vital insights to look for when research for an online platform, that will make my trading experience smooth, not to forget, rewarding.

An Ode to This Year’s Failed New Traders

Depending upon who you read, 80-95% of the new traders this year have found themselves with $0 balance futures trading accounts and shattered dreams. Of course, there were mistakes made a long way but it should have been easier, there should have been a clearer path to success; but the webpage said that e-mini trading was a way to “get rich quick” and enjoy the finer things in life.

I Love to Trade the E-Minis, Except When I Can’t

Like most people, I like to have a concrete idea of how the e-mini market is trading, a general idea of why it is trading in that fashion, and a sturdy trading methodology that will allow me to profit in the current market context. Trading in a choppy market requires skill (and a little luck) while trending markets employ a completely different approach to e-mini trading.

3 Things an E-Mini Trading Room Operator Won’t Tell You

It seems that trading rooms are the next big thing in the e-mini trading universe. The idea is a simple one; a new trader sits in a room and an experienced trader interprets a price chart and calls out trades that are profitable. It sounds great in theory; but in practice the whole idea ends up like similar to a belly flop off the high dive as new traders accounts nosedive into negative territory.

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